Olly Benson

Olly Benson

I work for NHS England in building communities, participation and engagement. My main interest is how we work with communities to improve health outcomes for everyone.

Location Warwickshire, UK


  • Thanks for your comment @YusuphMaryamOyindamola. Demographic monitoring isn't the only solution to the problem of engaging with different communities, but it is a good start to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are.

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  • These all sound like useful approaches @AgnieszkaZychowicz. Also talking to the community about how valuable they have found existing literature etc. what particularly resonates or doesn't.

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  • We chose to move away from a ladder approach as it implies that some forms of participation are "better" than others; and, particularly in healthcare, that's not necessarily the case. The top of the ladder can often involve very small numbers of people, whereas approaches further down the ladder can involve many more people; and whilst both approaches have...

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  • Hi @OwenRichards, I'm not aware where we're promoting the Ladder of Engagement, and the petal diagram was specifically to move away from that approach. The Statutory Guidance is the policy document that NHS England should be using.

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  • Thank you for sharing your stories @CyaneSullivan. Some good examples of where being heard makes the difference.

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  • I think this point about people with lived experience being expected to speak "for their community" is an interesting one.

    Having people with lived experience involved in decision-making about your project shouldn't stop you doing other forms of engagement such as surveys and questionnaires, which can show what a wider community may be thinking. Where...

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  • HI @AnthonyO'Connor and @ElaineD - thanks for your really thoughtful comments and questions. My understanding is that Indigo is a funded service and has paid staff supported by volunteers.

    @ElaineD I think your point about how asset-based approaches could be used to reduce statutory provision, and increase inequalities, is spot on. There is evidence...

  • Hi @FrancescoPalma - thanks for your post. I'm presuming it is not specifically about content on this page, but more generally on the course.

    I'd be interested in why you feel references to the Outcomes Frameworks would enhance this course. They provide a mechanism for NHS performance to be measured at a national level. There are some data points that...

  • @JaneLyons The Peer Leadership Development programme offered by NHS England might be what you are referring to: https://www.england.nhs.uk/personalisedcare/peer-leadership/

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