Olly Benson

Olly Benson

I work for NHS England in the Public Participation Team and have an interest in how we work with communities to improve health outcomes for everyone.

Location Warwickshire, UK


  • Hi @OwenRichards, I'm not aware where we're promoting the Ladder of Engagement, and the petal diagram was specifically to move away from that approach. The Statutory Guidance is the policy document that NHS England should be using.

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  • Thank you for sharing your stories @CyaneSullivan. Some good examples of where being heard makes the difference.

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  • HI @PatsyQuinn - thanks for pointing this out. It looks like the Campaign to End Loneliness has removed this from their website. Best wishes, Olly

  • I think this point about people with lived experience being expected to speak "for their community" is an interesting one.

    Having people with lived experience involved in decision-making about your project shouldn't stop you doing other forms of engagement such as surveys and questionnaires, which can show what a wider community may be thinking. Where...

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  • HI @AnthonyO'Connor and @ElaineD - thanks for your really thoughtful comments and questions. My understanding is that Indigo is a funded service and has paid staff supported by volunteers.

    @ElaineD I think your point about how asset-based approaches could be used to reduce statutory provision, and increase inequalities, is spot on. There is evidence...

  • Hi @FrancescoPalma - thanks for your post. I'm presuming it is not specifically about content on this page, but more generally on the course.

    I'd be interested in why you feel references to the Outcomes Frameworks would enhance this course. They provide a mechanism for NHS performance to be measured at a national level. There are some data points that...

  • @JaneLyons The Peer Leadership Development programme offered by NHS England might be what you are referring to: https://www.england.nhs.uk/personalisedcare/peer-leadership/

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  • Thank you for choosing to share your story @AnthonyO'Connor. I'm glad that as a result of the GP taking the time to listen to you, you've been able to find appropriate help.

  • @ClarissaD I'm really glad you enjoyed it Clarissa. Please do encourage colleagues to participate if you think it would benefit them.

  • @DebDrinkall Thank you so much for your kind words.

  • They @ReynaldoCaceres - I don't know what the legal framework is in other countries, and the healthcare model in the US is very different to the UK. Would be interesting to know how a market based system in the US recognises that value of working with people and communities beyond their immediate patients/customers? Olly

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  • Hi @AnthonyO'Connor - thanks for your feedback and sorry the videos are difficult for you to hear. We did try and record in quiet environments - the video with Fiza, the GP, we had to film indoors in the cafe which wasn't ideal. All the videos have subtitles and a transcript so I hope you are able to follow along that way. We'll review the videos regarding...

  • Hi @DebsTeale - the AbilityNet website linked above has lots of advice on how to change the colours in your browser. It's best to do that at browser level so you can keep the same settings across multiple websites. Hope that helps, Olly

  • Thanks @KarenGibson - it's good to see that they are included in Mandatory and Statutory Training as that isn't always the case!

  • Hi @KatrinaCopping - all the videos have subtitles. We've updated the information about to make it clear how to switch them on. Thanks, Olly

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  • Hi @AliBarbuti - all the videos have subtitles and transcripts. You can start the switch the subtitles on by pressing the captions button at the bottom of the video when it starts playing.

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  • @AngelaCorry - it's quite an impactful film. If you get the chance, Jeff, Jamesy, Julian and Mandy do regularly do talks about their experiences and I'd recommend getting along to heard from them directly.

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  • @HelenMorris - we often talk about the importance of "weak ties", eg not the people that you know, but their networks. So there is no expectation that you should know every asset, but you develop your network so that you can think "who is likely to know about x in this area" and even if one of your network doesn't, they can connect you with someone who...

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  • Thanks for your comments @LauraRogers. I think with reference to your final paragraph, this is true to a certain extent, however we also need to be aware that sometimes so-called community leaders can be self-appointed or come from a particular part of the community/hold a particular agenda. It's really important we don't just rely on the same few voices...

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  • Hi @LisaWesthorpe - sadly there isn't the function of private messaging on FutureLearn. You might be able to find each other if you are both registered on our #StartWIthPeople network on Future NHS: http://future.nhs.uk/pppnetwork/.

  • Thanks for your feedback @DawnBamforth. Some interesting thoughts about Lived Experience; I have plenty to say on the topic!

  • Hi @DeanneHill - thanks for some really interesting points. I've seen (and indeed hosted) Jamesy, Jeff and Mandy all talk about their experience on several occasions. I've never seen them asked them if they had any information prior to becoming homeless; and whether they would have valued it. Like anyone, I doubt they particularly saw themselves as "at...

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