Chris Attoe

Chris Attoe

I'm an Occupational Health Psychologist and Head of Research & Development at Maudsley Learning. My background is in NHS mental health services, mental health education and workplace well-being.

Location London, United Kingdom


  • Thanks Paula, these sounds like flexible and accessible steps!

  • Thanks Diane, really glad that support is available, and I couldn't agree more about working cohesively across the whole school community!

  • Thanks Kirsty, really glad that you've been able to respond effectively and feel like you are taking control of what you can in the situation!

  • Thanks Amanda! A great overview here, and it seems to start with 'noticing' what is going on within an organisation

  • Thanks Christina, great to see that you are doing what you can and recognising the vital role you can play in the health and engagement of your staff. Great point that small businesses can have limited resources, I wonder how they can compensate?!