Carol Elston

Carol Elston

My role is Head of Digital Education at the University of Leeds. I work with a team of 50 and our remit is to to develop innovative online courses.

Location The University of Leeds, England, UK.


  • Reflection posted at 7.33 am local time.

    We hope to see some of you on the final assessment course which starts on the 9th January. We will welcome you as an online student at the University of Leeds for up to five weeks whilst you study to achieve 10 academic credits.

    For others still working through the program, we will see you on the 23rd January for...

  • Jon's reflection was posted at 8am local time. Lots to consider in this week's post.I hope you enjoy reading it and continue the discussion. Carol

  • Reflection posted at 8.00 am local time. I hope you have enjoyed this course and we look forward to welcoming you to the next course in the program. If you are considering moving forward to gain University credit, please take the end of course test on the next step. Some of you are just one course away from being eligible for joining the assessment course in...

  • Reflection added at 9.16 am local time. Great to see so many diverse discussions on this course. Enjoy next week. Carol

  • Reflection added at 9.00 am local time.

  • I hope you have managed to find time to watch the recording Rosalie.

  • I hope you are able to find time to watch the video Adrie. Maybe during the week between courses?

  • Reflection posted at 8.10 local time. Another vibrant course with plenty of inspiring discussion. We look forward to welcoming you back to the next course in the Program.

  • Thank you for your kind comments David. I will speak to FutureLearn regarding possible payment methods and get back to you.

  • Reflection added 8.10 local time. The discussion in this course is inspiring. I hope you all enjoy next week. Carol

  • Jon's reflection was uploaded at 8.30 local time. I would also like to add my thanks on behalf of the Digital Learning Team for your contributions to the stimulating discussions in this course.

    It is always important to remember that the vast majority of learners do not join the discussions but are there reading the posts. I would like to extend my thanks...

  • Dear Harry. I'm sure that Jon will address this later but I do suggest that you also email the admissions team in the School of Geography who will be able to provide all the information you need. The link is on the last step in the course. We would be delighted if you joined us here for your UG study.

  • Dear Margaret the room will not be open until 14.00 GMT+1 on Thursday 15th (today). If you find your engagement is cancelled and you do have time please try again then.

  • Jon's reflection posted at 7.50 am local time.

    Thanks to everyone who has provided constructive suggestions for improvements to this course during this first week. Your feedback is always appreciated. My team spends many months developing a course and are always anxious to see how the materials are received - they are also keen to find ways to make the...

  • Thank you for your comment Rebbeca we will consider this for the next run of the course. Providing alternative texts might be helpful. Can I ask what's texts you referenced? Carol

  • There is no need to remember them all Ama, you can always return to this step or download/print the PDF.

  • That is a helpful reflection Denise. Thank you.

  • We will look at discussing online in more detail next week Aly. Hopefully we will all develop the skills to create discussion threads. Using 'most liked' is a good way to see the more popular conversations.

  • Thanks for that helpful response Dorival.

  • We use the same question. We hope that this is a topic that most people are comfortable discussing. The aim next week is to encourage learners to join in the discussion and use 'reply' to develop a thread rather than generating a steam of individual comments. We will see if this is the case next week!

  • Some great ideas but don't lose sight of the fact that this is about discussion. It is easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of sharing your thoughts but remember to read the ideas of others and provide feedback using 'reply'. Use 'most liked' to view some of the more popular suggestions.

  • Welcome Samantha. I hope you find the course appropriate and relevant for your students.

  • A PDF version has been added to the step.

  • Yes you can come back to it at any time. We have also added it as a PDF.

  • Good morning Novi. We have included transcripts of all videos so please do use those if the internet is not preforming for you!

  • Many thanks Phil. That is a great way to sum up the course. Would you be happy for me to use your comment when promoting or reflecting on the course in the future?

  • Good morning Paula, you are certainly not late - other learners will be joining in at various times over the next 4 weeks. The joy of online learning is you can fit it around your timetable!

  • Welcome to the course Natascha - please do share your expertise and experience as you move through the course.

  • Welcome Lesley, I hope this course helps you to move forward with your business idea.

  • Welcome Karina, please do share your business experience on the course,

  • Welcome Fatima, I hope you enjoy the course.

  • Hi Janine. Just to let you know the course is running again in October. Hope to see you then.

  • Thanks Tom, I will forward this.

  • Don't forget to use the Follow option to easily view the comments from your colleagues.

  • Welcome Sue. Please do join in the discussion around the M&S case studies. I'm sure your experience will be of interest to this really diverse group of learners; already we have learners introducing themselves from around the world.

  • Good afternoon Anand! Still Monday morning here in Leeds and the sun is shining. A good way to start the week. I hope you enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Silvia. I'm sure this course will provide an excellent foundation with plenty of case studies to explore.

  • You are all correct it is splenorenal. I can only apologise for this slip in our editing. As Jeni says we are dealing with this by voiding this question so that it does not contribute to your test score. This will be fair to all learners and progress scores will be amended accordingly.

  • The following text has been entered into Q5:

    Sorry, a mistake slipped into this question. We are dealing with this by voiding this question so that it does not contribute to your test score. This will be fair to all learners and progress scores will be amended accordingly.

    The correct answer is splenorenal as you all rightly say . My apologies. Carol

  • Fair comment Deborah. We will add them on Monday!

  • Please bear with me on this. James is out of the country today with intermittent internet access. I will check with him as soon as I can and get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Hi Nicola; we are so pleased you are enjoying the course. We have included your comment in an email to try and encourage some learners who have signed up but not yet started to come on board!

  • Hi Les; we are so pleased you are enjoying the course. We have included your comment in an email to try and encourage some learners who have signed up but not yet started to come on board! I must apologise, somewhere in the process the last t from your name got lost. I'm sorry about this.

  • The course will remain open after the 3 weeks so you can return at your leisure to any of the videos.

  • Welcome Cat, I hope you enjoy the course. You will find our more about the stomach in week 2.

  • No, not at all. The tests are simply for your own benefit, to help you gauge your understanding.

  • Hi Graeme - it's always difficult to find a time that works for everyone. Please do post any questions here and come back at the weekend to read the transcript from the session.

  • The score for the end of week tests is only for you; there is no pass or fail it is just a means for you to check that you have understood the materials. 92% is indeed an excellent score. If you want to receive a statement of participation you need to take the 3 tests (one at the end of each week) and complete and least 50% of the steps on the course (mark...

  • Thanks for pointing this out Ted we will change it as soon as we can.

  • There are links on the previous step to purchase the DVDs if you have been inspired to watch the entire movie.

  • Carol Elston replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Thank you for your kind comments Alice. I think you will find that week 3 is different again.

  • Many thanks Anthony. I hope you enjoy next week.

  • Good to hear you have enjoyed the first week Kathryn. I hope you find next week equally engaging.

  • Welcome Anna - I hope the course helps with you revision.

  • Welcome Georgia, I hope the course helps with your revision.

  • Welcome Nuala - please do share your experience.

  • Welcome Clara and Alexandra - please do encourage your class mates to join you.

  • I'm sorry to hear that you having difficulty with the sound. All videos have subtitles which may help. As you have found, there are transcripts available and there are also audio files. It may also help if you use headphones - worth a try. If any of my colleagues have any other suggestions I'll let you know.

  • Welcome back Alison. Enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Marc. Good to hear you found us - enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Maureen, I hope you enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Terry. Good to see you on the course! I hope you are well. Carol

  • Hi Yana. Are you still having problems? It seems to work OK now. please do try again.

  • There are some really interesting questions here. Please do use the like option to highlight any comments that you find particularly interesting. You can also use the Most liked filter to view those comments flagged by other learners.

  • Welcome Seth, I hope you enjoy the course. Please share your experiences in the discussions.

  • Welcome Alexandra. I think you find quite a few actors and actresses on the course.

  • Welcome Val. I hope the course does prove to be fun as well as informative. Enjoy.

  • Welcome Ana. I'm glad you found us; I hope you enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Nenad. There are certainly a wide range of people to meet and collaborate with. I hope you enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Sabina - enthusiasm for learning is all you need! Enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Jenny. We have included some animation in week two - a great way to demonstrate the physical aspects of the course.

  • Welcome! As you say the course has attracted learners from around the world - it should be an interesting 3 weeks.

  • Welcome Roxanne.

  • Welcome Michael. Please do share your experiences within the discussions.

  • Welcome to the course Marta.

  • Welcome Anthea. From the comments I have seen so far we really do have a diverse cohort for this run of the course. As you say, it is a great opportunity to share experiences.

  • Welcome Stephanie. I hope the course complements your study.

  • Welcome Stuti. We are delighted to hear that this course is the first step towards your dream. I hope you enjoy the experience.

  • Welcome Dario, I hope you enjoy getting involved - the technology side will be fine; you can simply add any feedback or ideas to the comments.

  • Hi Mary, the course will remain available so no need to rush. We have just posted a summary of links on this page which I hope you will find helpful.

  • Thank you. We hope to welcome you back on a future course.

  • Yes Daniel, the course will re-run on 9th March 2015. Hope to see you then.

  • Thank you for your lovely feedback Deborah and your active participation on the course. We would like to use some closing comments when promoting the next run of the course. Would you mind if we quoted you in this capacity?

  • Great! Thanks for all your participation. We hope to welcome you back on a future course.

  • Point taken Len. We will consider this for the re-run of the course next year.

  • A great way to close the course. Thank you Jean.

  • Maybe at a later date you could watch the films. You can then return to these reviews. They will remain available after the course has finished.

  • Could you add it here as a comment Margaret?

  • Hi Sheila have you completed all of the tests and marked 50% of the steps as complete? If so please let me know and I will try and find out what the problem is.

  • Welcome Florence. Please do share your experiences from Trauma and Memory on this course.

  • That's great Steve, enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Delia. The course will remain available so take your time.

  • Welcome Steve. I hope you enjoy the course. Please do share some of your experiences in the discussions.

  • Gwen and Val, thank you for your active participation in this course. However as we can see, online conversations can easily get out of hand. Can I please ask that you use the comments to reflect on the course. Many thanks, Carol.

  • Thanks Darren. I'm sure learners would love to see your site - the link may get lost here, please do share it again at the end of the course.

  • Hi Kay, thanks for sharing this. It might get lost here; maybe post the link again at the end of the course? Thanks.

  • Thanks Mark. The one that got away! We'll change it on Monday. Enjoy Trauma and Memory. Hope to see you on a future course.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts throughout the course Shane.

  • Maggie Browne - love your poppies from the air.

  • Thanks Hilary. Next week we move forward to the present and consider how we view WW1 heroism now.