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Allen Tsui

Allen Tsui

Life long Londoner, born and educated. Working as a specialist Primary and Secondary Computing teacher.

Location London, United Kingdom



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    This is a brilliantly silly way of learning not only how to code in Python but understanding a wider range of Computing concepts as well as cross curricular with Primary English. So fantastic.

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    OK! Let’s Go!

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    This is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple to follow. I must admit, I am quite experienced in terms of the topics covered so haven’t found it as daunting as I thought I might. The way the topics have been covered are fantastic and would be suitable for anybody with an interest in learning how to up level their Scratch programming skills to Python -…

  • Absolutely all of this. This is what impressed my colleagues when they have been observing my programming in text based languages. Not only are learners achieving or working towards programming skills but keyboard fluency and digital literacy skills too.

  • Getting the code to work as expected. Checking for typographical errors. Understanding the structure of the code - esssentially what each line of code does and how it is expressed - which is why block coding in Scratch is easier to understand - from the menu of options - that the conditional blocks are exactly what they say they are. So when teaching Python,…

  • Hello again. I’ve been using Trinket successfully at my school this school year. It is fabulous. Not programming in Python but my Year 4 classes have enjoyed using it for learning about html and CSS.

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    I’m using Trinket. Excited to have reached this point on this FutureLearn course. Let’s go!

  • A desktop publishing application - GUI
    A photo sharing application - GUI
    Programs to performing complex file operations on a large system - CLI
    A web browser for a visually impaired user - CLI
    Having had experience of CLI many years ago when I was first interested in computing I can see the benefits and disadvantages of CLI and GUI. CLI has definite...

  • Hello. I'm Allen. You can find me on Twitter @TsuiAllen I have been teaching in Primary schools since 2012 and from September 2020 I will be expanding my role as lead teacher for Computing to teaching Secondary Computing which will include working with A-Level students. So I am taking the course to make sure my subject knowledge for Secondary Computing is the...

  • I'm really pleased to have taken part on this course. Thank you! Wish I had been able to do this weeks if not months ago but for reasons of timing, I just haven't been able to make time or have the commitment to do so. Will be recommending to all those I speak to that everybody should do this irrespective of whether they are specialist subject leads for...

  • Thank you so much. I didn't enjoy week 3 so much but found this week so much more engaging.

  • Thank you for sharing. My story is very similar.

  • Have you tried out any of these techniques with your learners? How did they respond? Yes and they have made some brilliant remixes as well as created some excellent original examples of animation.
    What tips could you give to fellow educators? Just give it a go and don't as I've done overthink things.
    Are there any common pitfalls, or tips that your learners...

  • Thank you. Have already done this and set up a Scratch Educator account so that I can get the learners I'm working with to save and share their work as well as provide some examples of my own for them to remix.

  • These are great ideas - especially for introduction to properties of shapes as @HannahStapleton suggested. Thank you!

  • Thank you. Think I'm getting the hang of this.

  • Sorry I'm going to be a bit more factually precise about this so have added some sprites to show three options to choose from to make the 'if' 'then' 'else' routine make factual sense.

  • Like @SarahaMatthews easier than I initially thought. More sorting than identification.

  • OK. This looks interesting. Reminds me of a newspaper article I saw in July 2020 about the use of AI to identify birds.

  • Did you choose a different theme for your quiz? What other areas of the curriculum could be used as a basis for a quiz? Totally agree with @JamieEdmondson Maths and specifically arithmetic questions would work best with this type of format.
    Did you make any improvements to your quiz, for example animating a sprite when the correct answer is given? No sorry I...

  • Just added two questions. Haven't added a scoring system yet.

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    Seems straightforward but as @BrentU says how to cope with spelling errors. Guess this type of quiz would be better for some sort of arithmetic challenge rather than text based quiz - unless it was for more advanced learners to play.

  • This is great. Looking forward to doing this having used Kahoot to create my quizzes before.

  • Thank you. All of the other examples from others are excellent. Can see as @JamieEdmonson has identified going to be introducing the 'if' 'then' and 'else' function.

  • Since 2016 I've been using Google Forms to offer a drop down menu of options to 'measure' pupil or student satisfaction.

  • Sorry, I'm always pleased to take learning to a new level with a little bit of experiential and thought provoking concepts but I'm under considerable time pressure as a teacher with a busy family life so wasn't amused by the fact that the link provided went to...

  • Really looking forward to completing this course. Have learnt so much.

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    I'll be honest as I've found this week really tough. Hopefully will find next week easier.

  • Thank you for all of these great ideas.

  • I've also done this in the Code Club I've co-hosted.

  • Thank you. Still getting to grisps with the different features of Scratch.

  • Absolutely love the quiz idea.

  • Using some of the coding ideas from the previous polling task, could make the sprite change position after it has asked each question.

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    This is a really useful and important part of any 'coders' skills so thank you for including this topic.

  • Did you make any additional improvements to your voting app? No - I found it hard enough to follow or remixing the original blocks of code.
    Did you create a voting app on a theme other than ‘favourite animals’? Are there any opportunities for cross-curricular learning? Of course there are plenty of cross-curricular learning opportunities. Thinking Maths...

  • Thanks. Always looks easy with the solution.

  • I've realisd from my attempt that I might have been overthinking how to use Scratch. I founded adding the third creature and the voting buttons really easy to do. Just can't quite get the click counter to display correctly nor the reset button to change all the values. Guess I just need to experiment a little more.

  • Thank you. I'm looking forward to having a go myself.

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    This looks pretty cool.

  • I work for a Primary school in London. Based on learning targets linked to the National Curriculum for schools in England, I will be introducing variables by getting the learners to create a picture using a simple piece of software like Paint then getting them to 'remix' it by changing the values of the colours they have used so they understand which part of...

  • I remember learning about variables from when I was first learning about Computer Science many, many years ago...

  • I'm actually finding there is so much to learn here and I'm not very good at following instructions on screen or to be more honest don't really have the time to so I'm also supplementing my time here with a book by Rosie Dickins, Jonathan Melmoth and Louie Stowell called 'Coding for Beginners using Scratch' published by Usborne.