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Michelle Lloyd

Michelle Lloyd

I am a Maths Lecturer at a local college, Examiner & business owner
I am fascinated by science and have completed several Maths, Physics and Biology courses with the OU
I love to travel, exercise & read

Location I live in Birmingham



  • I have really enjoyed this week, it has made me think about a few new concepts!

  • I wonder how long it will take before the novelty element wears off.
    During COVID, I downloaded lots of apps because I was bored when the cinemas and theatres closed but these apps are now deleted.
    It is interesting that at the college where I work, the teachers are happy to be back face to face but the students are more engaged when given online learning...

  • My persona:
    Zoe, aged 42 and living in London with her husband and two dogs.

    Zoe likes going to the theatre and spending weekends in the country with her husband and dogs.

    Zoe has an English degree and qualified teacher status, she has specialised in students with educational needs for the last 15 and took over as head of the English department at the...

  • I think once the MOOC main objectives and goals are set, it would be a good idea to develop a group of persona’s representing all the groups who may be interested in the learning outcomes.
    This could then be used to assist in the timescale and delivery of the MOOC. For example, Miray may struggle with time and language so a recording and transcript would be...

  • I love my Occulus because I can choose my environment and activity depending on my mood. It came as a surprise that I needed to read the transcript after watching the video. I became so focused on the avatar and the background, I missed half the verbal communication.
    For this reason, I believe virtual reality does have a place in blended learning but at the...

  • After practising Yoga for over twenty years, I very much believed our body was a vehicle which carried the 'self' through this life as we understand it. This all changed when I was given high levels of medication for cluster migraines. I suddenly released your brain and body is very much who you are. When you start tampering with the 'natural' workings of the...

  • Sorry to hear about your sister Janet - my sister died from Leukaemia after a nine year battle in 1999. I think this course has allowed me to understand cancers better and it does seem oesophageal cancer is one of the 'aggressive' ones.

  • ...In advanced stages, I think photodynamic therapy may work and cryotherapy is currently being trialled. The overall prognosis is not good once the cells have mutated from Barretts Syndrome.
    I think this is a good example of prevention (at the moment) being more important than cure. Most people do not realise the danger of prolonged heartburn and so we...

  • I thought I would look at Barretts Syndrome. Genetic factors include being a male caucasian although women are also affected. Lifestyle factors include central obesity and the medical factor, which seems to be the most important is chronic inflammation caused by reflux/heartburn. Enzymes and acid cause mutations in the cells of the oesophagus (inhibits EGFR...

  • This may be a silly question but are people with auto-immune conditions affected differently by cancer? If their own immune system normally attacks healthy cells, is there a an increased chance that mutated cells will be also attacked just because they are there and so there are fewer cells that live through the series of mutations that lead to cancer, or,...

  • Are most tumours detected at late stages because the patients feel few symptoms and so do not seek medical help until the tumour has grown to a size where it causes problems, e.g. pressing on a nerve or organ? Or, are there tumours that cannot be seen/detected? - is there a brain tumour that hides behind (pineal gland??) so you cannot see it until it has grown?

  • Thank you Momna, it's quite sad that we only have one week left on our course with you. It is a fascinating subject.

  • Do addicts have damaged or fewer receptors for dopamine? I have just read a couple of diaries from a heroin addict and a meth addict - both seemed to not have much 'feeling/emotion' before they started taking drugs. Is this common with addicts?

  • I can relate to the key symptoms as I think these are prevented me from becoming an addict. My doctors increased my medication until I was taking maximum doses of beta-blockers, triptans, morphine, codeine, paracetamol and anti sickness pills to keep it all down. During those 2/3 years, I hated the way I felt. In the end, it took me two years to reduce my...

  • I didn't know that antibiotics could affect our DNA - are the effects always good? I was thinking if not, should we be careful of, for example, the amount of antibiotics farmers have to use to keep livestock healthy - there were reports saying these antibiotics are then passed on to humans when we eat the meat of the animal. I think what I am asking is: can...

  • Hello everyone, really looking forward to the next few weeks. These courses are really interesting and very well presented.

  • I am really pleased I found this course. It is very interesting. I thought I may struggle with understanding the physiology but everything has been explained really well. Looking forward to next week. Thank you to everyone involved.

  • Scientists have shown where DNA mutations are for, say, Downs Syndrome - does anyone know if there are any definite mutations linked with certain cancers or have the cells gone through so many mutations the original mutation is no longer present by the time we detect cancer?

  • This would be really interesting - my sister had Leukaemia. After she had been in remission, she was told to have her childhood immunisations again and within 6 months she had developed several tumours. We never found out the reason for such an aggressive reaction. I wonder if immunisations are also a link with cancer?

  • Can we compare the figures issued on cancer in the developed world against to developing world? 38% of deaths in India are due to communicable disease (4.8 million) but how many of these people also had cancers which where not diagnosed because they died prematurely?
    The WHO said in India deaths caused by CV disease, injury or mental health was around 60% of...

  • Does contact inhibition cause the immune system to react differently?