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Michelle Lloyd

Michelle Lloyd

I am a Maths Lecturer at a local college, Examiner & business owner
I am fascinated by science and have completed several Maths, Physics and Biology courses with the OU
I love to travel, exercise & read

Location I live in Birmingham



  • Christos Leonidopoulos

    Christos Leonidopoulos

    Particle Physics: Electroweak Symmetry-Breaking mechanism, Exotica searches, hadron-collider triggers, future colliders.

  • Luigi Del Debbio

    Luigi Del Debbio

    Professor of Theoretical Physics

  • Cuisle Forde
  • Aine Kelly

    Aine Kelly

    Prof. Aine Kelly is Professor in Physiology at Trinity College Dublin, where she teaches physiology and neuroscience and researches the effects of exercise on brain health and function.

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    Mikel Egaña

    Associate Professor of Physiology at Trinity College Dublin

  • James Pickering
  • Tim Shakespeare

    Tim Shakespeare

    I worked with people with less common dementias at UCL for 6 years, first as a PhD student then as an Alzheimer's Research UK fellow, starting this course in 2016. I now work in science communication.

  • Terri Rees