Richard Dunk

Richard Dunk

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, a Governor at Calderdale College, and have worked in many different schools around the UK. Education is immensely important!

Location Manchester, UK


  • There are many ways! I quite like the "ARCS Model" (you can search online for many resources) but a good starting point might be to look at the ideas on the "5 minute lesson plan". You will learn a lot about detailed lesson planning on any teacher education course.

    Does anybody else have any other models of lesson planning that they are familiar with?

  • It's really great that you were able to recognise what you found difficult in learning Maths and Science, and work to overcome these difficulties. Now if you meet pupils in class with similar struggles you can share your experiences and help them, too.

  • Hi Marissa,

    Really great that you're considering education! I'm sure you'll make an excellent teacher.

    When considering your options, I think the key thing to remember is that no matter what decision you make you'll still be able to be a teacher. If it's definitely primary school teaching you're interested in then you can get into the classroom more...