S Venkataraman

S Venkataraman

Venkat has a background in biology, imaging and repositories and gained expertise in RDM. He then became the lead trainer at the DCC and is currently the Training Officer for OpenAIRE.

Location Edinburgh


  • Marjan Grootveld
  • René van Horik
  • Alex Delipalta

    Alex Delipalta

    Alex has an MSc in Developmental Linguistics, and 3 years of experience as an RA in speech & language processing. She now provides project support for the Digital Curation Centre.

  • Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones

    Sarah has over a decade of experience in research data management and open science. She is involved in many international initiatives such as the European Open Science Cloud & Research Data Alliance.

  • Ellen Verbakel
  • Boudewijn van den Berg

    Boudewijn van den Berg

    Member of the coaching team of the Research Data Netherlands alliance, on behalf of SURFsara. One of the facilitators of 'Delivering research data management services'.