Dikshyanta Rana

Dikshyanta Rana

I'm a Health Economist at HEHTA, UoGlasgow. My work involves undertaking economic evaluations alongside clinical trials, decision-analytic modelling, analysing linked health data & evidence synthesis.

Location United Kingdom


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  • Hi everyone,

    I am a Trainee Health Economist based in Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment team at the University of Glasgow. I have been in Glasgow for a year now (this is my first job). Before this I was completing my MSc in Health Economics at the University of York.

    Health economics as a discipline is a blend of social sciences and...

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  • Hi! Just notifying you about the exercise. Please look at the comment I have posted above. :)

  • Hi! Just notifying you about the exercise. Please look at the comment I have posted above. :)

  • Hi! Just notifying you about the exercise. Please look at the comment I have posted above. :)

  • Hi! Just notifying you about the exercise. Please look at the comment I have posted above. :)

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  • Hi Shaowen,
    Choices in health economics are considered to be made at a specific point in time. However, costs and outcomes occur at different time points - as pointed in your question. HTA keeps pace with this change by discounting the costs and outcomes. Discounting is done as costs and outcomes that will be occurring in the future are usually valued less...

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    You should check out iDSI's website (https://www.idsihealth.org). It has lots of materials related to your question. There's a page where you can fill up a form to further contact them about becoming a partner.

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  • Hi Julius,

    These topics are difficult to cover in Future Learn as it requires extensive health economics knowledge and practise. For this reason, we generally cover these topics in detail in our MSc course and CPD courses. :)

    Maybe you will find these links helpful. (There's also a link to our taster course! Good to get an idea of what we offer our...

  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your comments. We hope you'll carry on these active discussions till the end of the course.

    I have noticed that most comments convey the understanding that HE and HTA focus only on finding the least cost/price treatments. While costs are a crucial component in our analysis we put equal weight on outcomes.


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  • Hi Abel,
    Very true! Remember that HTA is not only limited to drugs but also includes devices (diagnostic tests), vaccines, screening programmes, interventions and so on.

  • Hi Siaw,
    You are quite right. However, just focusing on cost simplifies the true essence of health economics. Essentially, health economics evaluation tends not to be cost-benefit analysis (CBA) where the resources used and benefits obtained are monetised. Outcomes are equally important.
    - Dikshyanta

  • Hi Demetrius,
    Good question! As Health Economists, our best action is to ensure that we adhere to the above principles. It provides us with a structure to explore what these ‘great opportunities’ can potentially be. We try to cover all these opportunities as costs and outcomes and set parameters related to it. Base case analysis is carried out using most...

  • Hi, everyone! I have no professional background in this field but I have always been an art enthusiast. I am from Nepal and living in the UK for some years has made me realise the significance of preserving one's heritage. I feel immense pride in exploring and learning more about our past.

    If you have ever visited Nepal, I am sure you'll agree that it is a...