Andrew Preshous

Andrew Preshous

Andrew Preshous is Assistant Professor in Academic English at Coventry University. He teaches academic writing and presentation skills on the BA International Business (Top Up) degree programme.


  • Many thanks to everyone for taking part in this short course. We hope you found it interesting and useful. Good luck with your future presentations!

  • Thanks for the comments and observations - some good tips too!

  • Thanks for sharing these examples of gestures and body language.
    It is important to be aware of what is acceptable or appropriate when giving presentations in different cultural contexts .

  • Another Perth Presentation planned - Sounds good!

  • Thanks Rebecca - Perth, Scotland seems to be less popular!

  • I'm looking forward to hearing about Sandakan, Leon - thanks.

  • Thanks Mara - and that's fine to specify your parameters.

  • Which town/city will you select Thomas?

  • Which city will you talk about Nwawere?

  • Which town/city will you choose Mark?

  • Great to hear about a city I know nothing about - thanks Emmanuel (and apologies for my limited knowledge of this location!).

  • @BlanchyDodd
    Wow - you've got a great memory Blanchy! Where were you studying back then?

  • Thanks for all your comments and posts this week. We’re pleased to hear that you've found the activities and resources useful.
    It’s also been great to see how you've shared experiences and got tips and advice from each other.
    Have a great weekend and see you all in week 2.

  • Good points, Christine.

  • How you finish your presentation is important too. I have seen many presentations when the speaker says "The End" or "That's all" or even nothing at all. Cue awkward silence.
    Sum up key points, thank the audience, ask for questions and don't forget to smile!!

  • Thanks for posting your introductions - it was nice to see that they were varied. If all presentations had the same opening words and structure, that probably wouldn't be very interesting for the audience!
    The language and guidelines used in this section are not meant to be prescriptive (other phrases are available!), but hopefully having some kind of...

  • A very clear opening to your talk Marette.

  • Your introduction provides a clear outline of your talk, Chris. Good luck with your book review.

  • Thanks Graham - good use of rhetorical questions in the intro to gain the audience's attention.

  • A clear outline of your talk Patrick - nice.

  • Nice to see that you are including the 'presenting remotely' element Christine.

  • Many thanks for posting comments about Zahra's presentation and for identifying many positive features of the talk. It was also interesting to read the very specific and constructive points about areas in which the presentation could be improved.
    In my view, reflecting on presentations (whether delivered by others or our own talks) is key to developing...

  • Really nice to see that the opening 'Big Question' provoked such a lively discussion with some great comments, insights and personal experiences of delivering and watching presentations. :)

  • Many thanks for introducing yourselves - nice to meet you all!
    It's great to hear about such a wide range of global contexts in which you will be delivering presentations.
    We really hope this short course will be useful and that you enjoy it too!

  • Yes, knowing your subject is vital - that's content then, right?

  • Nicely put Graham.
    And in business contexts the delivery of information could also include persuading, requesting, recommending, reprimanding......

  • Thanks for sharing this Richard and for your comment(s) Laura. That phrase you used (D by PPT) has almost become a cliche, hasn't it? But you make a really good point. Content really needs to be relevant, useful and/or interesting for the audience but it does help if the delivery is engaging too.

  • @ElaineRidley
    This is indeed sometimes true. So for an effective, engaging presentation, both content and delivery are important....

  • Hi Veronica, many thanks for telling us about Florianopolis - I have to admit it is a new location for me, but a pollution-free island off the coast of Brazil, with an interesting market and samba does sound very appealing! Yes, as you say, the lighting on your mini video could be improved but the language you used was appropriate and the clarity and tone of...

  • That's right. Preparation and practice are key.

  • Thank you for sharing these interesting comments about avoiding certain gestures in different contexts.

  • Good outlines and a nice range of locations around the world.
    We look forward to seeing the pitches for these cities.

  • Good to know KH - keep working on it!

  • Agreed - preparation and practice are essential.

  • That's good to know Niamh - thanks.

  • It's really good to know that there have been some useful 'takeaways' (as they say!) from this week's activities. We hope that by reflecting and focusing on different aspects of presentations such as preparation, structure, language and delivery, this should help you develop and fine-tune your skills. Enjoy week two!

  • Thank you for your relevant postings about ending a presentation. In my view it is really important to signal that your talk is coming to an end and that you sum up key points and invite questions (depending on the context). I have sat though quite a few presentations which end very abruptly, or conversely, just peter out. A phrase I'm not too keen on hearing...

  • Andrew Preshous made a comment

    As I mentioned below, each person's natural pace will vary. When practising your presentations, ask friends, colleagues, family members to comment on your delivery pace - does it sound a bit slow, too quick or just right! Pauses and pausing are important - whether to emphasise a point, to give the audience a chance to digest key information or just to allow...

  • And that's OK Ian - each person's natural delivery pace might be quite different. The key is making sure your delivery is at an appropriate pace for your target audience.

  • That's right Matthew. Pauses and pausing at appropriate moments are keys to effective delivery in my view.

  • Thank you for all these excellent introductions on a fascinating range of subjects!

  • Nice attention to detail on specific features of pronunciation, Veronica. I guess this would be fine-tuning as the main message wasn't affected significantly, but good to highlight key areas to work on.