Stephen Davie

Stephen Davie

I lead the Information Team within the Careers Service. I strive to keep abreast of technological changes which enable the Service to develop a range of interactive & engaging resources for all users.


  • Welcome everyone. I am Stephen, one of the mentors on the course. Please comment or ask questions at any point, and please feel free to answer others questions - we can learn from each other. Hope you enjoy the course.

  • We are so glad you enjoyed the course Makhima. Best of luck with your job search.

  • Me too Gary!

  • Best of luck Raja. Let us know how you get on.

  • Best of luck with your job search Beatriz!

  • Did they tell you what they were looking for?

  • Always a great first question to ask.

  • Glad you liked it Jo!

  • In previous interviews, I have had to deliver a presentation of my opinions on a particular topic/project. At the end of the interview, I asked... "You've heard my views on...x...., what are yours?"

  • Great question Sharon! I would be very impressed if someone asked this.

  • A good tip would be to identify one weakness but then turn it into a positive. This shows you have proactively found a way to improve yourself, and that this can have additional positive benefits.

  • I'm glad you find them useful :-)

  • Best of luck with your application Aesha.

  • My favourite interview question Moustapha!

  • I have been on both sides of this situation before. When you are the interviewee, seconds of silence feels like a lifetime. But as an interviewer, it goes much quicker. It's best to take your time, compose yourself and then answer.

  • Best of luck Stanslas. I hope you are shortlisted.

  • @SharonNeyland Very true! I've been an interviewer many times now, but was incredibly nervous the first time.

  • Great to have you on board Zakir. I visited Canada twice last year - such a great country!

  • Do you find interviews daunting? And has anyone got interesting tips to get over the nerves?

  • Hi everyone. I am Stephen, one of the mentors on this course. Please feel free to ask questions and contribute at any point. Hope you all enjoy the course!

  • Hi Nasreen. Welcome to the course.
    This will be a good introduction to the application stage of jobs, but we also have our other course "How to succeed at: Interviews" starting on 15th April which may help you too.

  • Very jealous of your travels to south-east Asia! Good to have you on board.

  • You are not alone with hating job applications Trevor, I am very much the same! But fingers crossed this course will provide you with some skills and knowledge to make it much less painful for you :-)

  • Hi everyone.
    Good to have you all on board for this course. I'm Stephen and along with my colleague Gavin, we will be here to help you along with any discussions/queries/comments - so please feel free to contribute at of the discussion points.
    Hope you all enjoy.