Lola Sanchez

Lola  Sanchez

A woman, a mother of one child, a teacher, in my fifties, creative, in love with life and people and looking forward to believing that existence is more than we can see❤️

Location Barcelona, Spain


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    I suppose you’ve chosen this essay question because it is a very specialized topic, and it should be necessary to do research.

    Then, we'll look for sources to address the question, and we'll learn which of these sources will be more appropriate.

    As I see it, the main challenges would be:
    1. identify the problems with water in the south,
    2. the role...

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    1. Ethics, Politics, Physics, Mathematics
    2. Incentive
    3. Freedom, seldom, random, wisdom
    4. implement
    5. otherwise, clockwise, likewise, streetwise


    1. Positions held at University ended in -ship

    2. Which of these words is not an adjective?
    careful, spoonful, helpful, handful

    3.Which word is the “odd one out”? Why?
    fable, preferable,...

  • 1. efficient
    2. health
    3. height
    4. sales
    5. fast
    6. unemployed

  • Yellow: Noums
    Pink: adjectives
    Blue: Verbs
    Green: adverbs

  • Sometimes we forget what we are talking about, paying attention to irrelevant considerations. It is important not to be off the subject

  • First of all, I would raise the issue and show my key points summarised and logically structured after reading and analysing carefully related bibliographical references (provided for further information.)

    Secondly I would set out the challenges and the solutions that have been given, the pros and cons and finally I would suggest possible solutions by the...

  • Mi chiamo Lola, ciao Viviana, ciao Lesley. Il piacere è mio

  • Mi chiamo Lola, buon lavoro a tutti!

  • Anche io sono nella stessa situazione! Ciao!

  • Non vedo l'ora di cominciare!!!

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    Italian language is very close to Spanish (my mother's tongue) and Catalan. I love Italy and the sound of Italian. My husband is learning italian too and that aroused my interest in learning. Why not?

  • It is a predictable fact that population ages.
    Did the governments in the medium and long-term take measures to alleviate the upcoming situation?

  • An academic essay is supposed to create knowledge as a result of a deep conversation with the mainstream sources. An essay could broaden a theory, create a new perspective, identify unknown gaps, add new data... According to the theory that knowledge is socially built, a worthly academic essay must not neglect what have been said before.

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    Using passive sentences and remarkable adjectives gives the text a very formal structure. And the use of bibliography gives credibility to its claims.

  • I felt as if the author of the newspaper's article was asking ME if I was one of those awful people who unconsciously wasted money, taking for granted the food supplies! And I answered them quickly: no, I am not of that kind! :)
    Or: I don't want to be one of those you are talking about!
    So, in my opinion, the aim of the article was absolutely fulfilled!

  • First of all, the newspaper article tries to have a deep impact on readers. It is a short text compared with the academic one. So, the length of the writing could be one of the differences.
    Secondly, the use of figures and percentages in the newspaper article, wants to shake the readers in order to trigger a self-reflection and move them to change their...

  • Hello everybody! I'm happy to join you in this course. My idea is to improve my writing skills and refresh my English. I do not know whether I'll use it for University but I am sure I'll make the most of it.

  • As I see it, a good essay has to be logically structured, main ideas have to be clear, the language used should be precise and the bibliographical references mentioned.

  • A teacher who lovingly looks after their students but is unbearable demanding with her daughter

  • A teacher that cares after their students lovingly but she is unbearable demanding to her daughter

  • I think about some memorable characters of series, those who always screw up everything.
    The author presents their flawless very clearly and you start to suffer because they will spoil every single situation in which they are involved. In fact, when they screw it up, you knew they had it coming!

  • I see your point and it reminds me not to be inflexible! And I have to admit, as a reader, that characters are who fascinate me. Sometimes the action they are passing through is not interesting at all but the way they deal with it in their inner self really is.

  • Yours is an extremely sharp analysis of the different reasons for this guy to act as he did! In fact, the husband reproached the bad manners used in the telling-her-off. And the excuse she was giving was that texting was urgent.
    Actually they were about to hit themselves!

  • @JoolsT I love that book, I was shocked when I read the story and amazed by the writing rithm, by how the author created a mistery atmosphere, made you one with the characters and finally showed you what he was talking about. I think it is a master piece!

  • @RobBuxton You're welcome! I suppose the toughest part of writing is not to have a feedback while you are spending a lot of time in your writing. Ourselves are the worst enemies of our creativity, always trying to sabotage our efforts. I named this feature of mine as "the examiner" and when it bothers me I think: "Shut up, stay put and learn how to create" :))

  • I love reading sci-fi and fantasy novels and this could be a good opening for a fantasy one!
    There is an accurate but not tiring description of the place and we know from the beginning the character we are dealing with. Especially I liked two less-is-more details: the sunlight that fled the scene and the ivy that stayed away of the stone. A promising start!

  • Being sheltered in place, as many of us are, the facts we participate are zero, but what about the facts in our mind? The things we read, the emotions we experience, the feelings we express, the thoughts we have.
    Facts are really important and if they are well planned and precisely delivered can make a breathtaking turning-pages story. But a chiseled...

  • Sense of existence, female empowerment in a patriarchal society, self-growing (overcoming what education and family have made of us) , relationships in general, artistic sense, health care, the courage of being different... these are some of my main concerns.
    In my notebook, I have a young family man ludicrously defending his wife, who had been told off...

  • @JadeBrunswick You can just wait and write it down when you will be alone

  • So you can start! The journal is in itself, both the source and the effect of creativity!

  • @MiriamLANDOR Try to use Evernote for example. And I like Quizlet to remember vocabulary, lively phrasal verbs and useful idioms

  • It is a habit we need to develop, I absolutely agree!

  • I feel more or less the same as you. I keep my diaries my whole life but the creation of a fiction character is totally different. Anyway, I'm writing three pages everyday when I wake up and I'm changing the names of the people I know and keeping my journal as if it
    was a novel. Amazing practise!

  • I totally agree with the edit. Always less is more! The original draft was boring... If we were aliens maybe we'd need all these details about the sky and the things people wear. But we are not, I mean!

  • Hillary looked upwards into the clouds about to pour with rain while she concealed inside her coat a loaded gun in the rush hour.

  • I remember a time when I was deeply loved. It was a kind of sweet feeling, involving everything around me, building a protective cotton-flower's wall between the person I was and the tough world outside. That time passed away and now it is like a dream hardly to believe.

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    Emma said she had been always the ugly and the smartest one and her sister the beautiful and the nicest as if they were the characters of _Little house on the prairie_ series.

  • - I love you!
    - Really?
    - With all my heart. I'd leave behind everything for you!
    - I can't believe it! You are the fourth person that tells me this stuff today. But, you know what? You are not going to hurt me anymore! I'll suit all of you and I'll finish with all this masquerade you are performing!
    - Wait a minute... It's not necessary... We can talk...

  • Hi! Try to follow if you haven't done it yet Julia Cameron _The artist's way_ to get over your lack of inspiration! I hope it works out for you as it is working out for me!

  • The only characters I can think about are real people I know. I'm realizing that when I write about ordinary people, they change quickly into exceptional characters. My husband, for instance, my daughter... That's incredible! Thanks for make me discover this fact! Maybe the most important thing here is how you look at them and how you rethink them in order to...

  • "In the storm, the laughter of the evergreen trees and the jabbering of the raindrops forged an alliance against the deciduous trees, shaked by the wind in their nudity."
    I'm Spanish and I have no idea of how this sentence sounds for an English native. Could you please tell me your view?

  • I'm Spanish but I love English so I read my favourite novels in English if they have been written in this language. I have many many lists of vocabulary and idioms and phrasal verbs that surprised me or could help me to convey the everyday stuff or my feelings or experiences when I had the opportunity. I was reading the comments and someone proposed to do...

  • I guess each life can be interesting, it all depends on the way we look at it. As humans that we are, we have many things in common. Maybe the circunstances of our lives have nothing to do with each other but the way we feel I bet is alike. What makes everybody's life great is that our desires are the same, actually, feel happy and have the sense of being the...

  • Initially I didn't picture this innovation as a significant one because many times I associate the concept social entrepreneurship with a big change and with an awesome creation. But the truth is that @JeonghunPark and @jeanwandless comments reveal that a simple idea can impact deeply in aspects that remain hidden at a first sight

  • I suppose the problem that governments have with NPOs and profits is related to some of the advantages that NPOs receive from them - mainly taxes and grants - compared with those who get for-profit companies. These advantages are given because capitalist companies nor the government itself can't fulfill many social key needs.
    I totally agree with you...

  • I didn't know about M. Yunus, I have just read the information you have provided that is worthwhile in my opinion. Even though I had heard before about microcredits and how they work out excellent results in Africa, for example.
    I was informed that women were the majority of microcredits users, and that they succeeded with the businesses they started....

  • Maybe it helps to think about what makes our problems similar instead of different!

  • @HyunShin Thanks for you answer. I'll find out how some NGO & NPO work in my country.

  • As I see it, our actitudes are, if not, the most important key in order to solve problems. If we start feeling that a huge problem can't be tackled, our pessimistic view impedes to come up with a solution. I guess another important key is that we want to address all the problems at a time and inmediatly. Sometimes we don't realise that small changes produce...

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    So would it be possible that an NGO takes profit of its activities?
    And could an NPO be controlled by a government?

  • I am from Spain and I am a teacher at a Vocational School. One of the subjects I teach involves innovation and this course could be on one hand a fascinating way of keeping in touch with the latest social innovations in South Corea and on the other hand a possibility of learning more about this amazing country.
    I think our weak points are inequality, lack of...

  • I totally agree with you here!

  • Wow! Now I can understand better the film I saw weeks ago about a disgraced singer who wanted to step into the spotlight again winning the best song award on 25th of December!
    In Spain we have the summer's song. Actually, there's no award as far as I know, but Spaniards love dancing even late at night when summer hot gives us a break and the summer song...

  • When I was at secondary school, thirty years ago, teachers made us practise English with songs. They gave us the lyrics with gaps we had to fill paying attention when listening to the song once and again! I met The Beatles (Yesterday, Help, The fool on the hill, The yellow submarine... and so on) and I have never forgotten Morning had broken, a song by Cat...

  • Answering the question about Brexit and the study of English language I'd like to say that Brexit hasn't changed my mind. In my opinion, English language overcomes UK because it is spoken in many different countries all over the world and it has became a global language! Considering that English is the International Common Tongue it is a matter of fact that...

  • @MariaLuciaPuigMancilla TED talks are my favourites too! Nowadays I realise that we are just one click away from a variety of sources to learn English! You have the youtube on hand, where you can choose the nationality of the videos of your interest and you can practise with the accents! And the last two months I'm playing QuizYour English, a mobile free...

  • As time goes by and my English practise increases, I'm feeling that it is being possible for me to speak English properly and fluently. I'm reading novels in English for 4 years in a row and the last step I've done is to listen to audiobooks and being able to understand them! At the same time, in order to improve my speaking and pronunciation, I began to...

  • I may say that in my case it was a great shock to know about Brexit. What UK added to the European Union has been broken. It seems to me that this has been a step backwards. We have been building a strong EU since the end of the WWII, with the idea of prevent a future war more devastating than the previous ones. We tried and achieved Comunity policies in wide...

  • This is the good news about learning languages! Without English it shouldn't have been possible you and me speaking casually about one of our hobbies! And practising it at the same time!

  • And this is a big problem. We can't be fluent if we don't speak. Unlike the possibilities of listening English, speaking odds are few, at least in my case. If you are not used to speaking in English it gets too tough to handle the daily vocabulary. No doubt you can speak more easily about climate change than about the house chores you're going to do during...

  • I couldn't say I use any slang! Create your own repertoire of words, phrasals, expressions, collocations... this is hard enough as it is without using slang! I suppose it could be feasible if I was living in an English speaking country and having lots of friends who could teach me!

  • The fascination I find about speaking English is that I'm able to understand what an English speaker is saying directly, without the help of a translator. Nowadays we have the Internet and, as a result, we can access to many interviews, conferences, TV shows and so on that are not translated. I feel very satisfyed when I can understand on my own what they mean.

  • So I suggest You're right instead of you have reason. It should be a good way to learn reading as many comments as we can and following our teachers. I'm about to do that now!

  • Hi Herbert. I'm Lola from Spain. It's my first time here following a course like this! Nice to know there are people who want to learn spanish too!

  • Hi Nuria, I'm Lola from Barcelona. This is my first time in a course like this. I suppose there won't be anyone in charge of the correction of the comments. It should be a very hard work to do, don't you think so?