Paul Jenkins



  • Il y a longtemps je suis né dans une ville industrielle, dans le centre d'Angleterre. J'y ai habité pendant trente ans après lequel j'ai déménagé à Londres où j'habite depuis vingt ans. J'ai habité aux Etats-Unis deux fois pendant ma vie, pour un an quand j'avais vingt ans et pour quatre ans plus récemment. J'ai nombreux membres de ma famille qui vis en Inde,...

  • J'habite a la comagne, près d'un petit village au nord de Londres. Mon amie Anaïs habite en centre-ville à Bordeaux

  • Actuellement j'habite une trentaine de kilomètres au nord de Londres mais cet été je vais déménager au Sénégal (c'est pourquoi j'apprends le français!)

  • Salut à tous, je m'appelle Paul et j'apprends le français pour mon travail. J'ai beaucoup de chance que j'inscrit à un cours particuliers mais je voudrais utiliser toutes les resources disponibles pour améliorer mon français.

  • Hi, I'm a career law enforcement officer but with a strong international background. I'm interested in precisely that area of diplomacy that is not the sole preserve of MFAs and Diplomatic Services. Looking forward to the discussions

  • I've just opened up the first few modules in Week 3 and it looks like these questions of heterogeneity, diversity and complexity of background, experience and interpretation all strt being discussed.

  • First MOOC and I'm enjoying the experience. A podcast of lengthy lectures would be good to listen on the move.
    As for the course content I like the presenters and level of detail, it's a good introductory approach and is increasing my knowledge of Muslims in Britain. I would like to see the educators more active in the conversations. Accepting the value that...

  • This discussion tends to suggest a homogeneity to Muslims. The course has given the impression that on the one hand Islam is a defining characteristic but that that there is, of course, diversity within Muslims based on nationality, race, gender, socio-economic and education. That is saying nothing of diversity within Islam, I do not understand the...

  • Is this the Frank Sole I used to work with? If so there's a coincidence!

  • It's also good to see the discussions developing from the initial challenges to the central tenets of Islam. I thought the explanation of how religious studies re pproached in this context, using the perspective of believers was excellent.

  • The signposting to the academic papers is really useful to get a feel of the questions. The Bristol report 'Taking Part' seems by far the most balanced with the Spinwatch report wearing its political credentials clearly on its sleeve. I am interested in what others think about the state's engagement with Islam as these papers suggest a surprisingly (to me at...