Mai Abu Moghli

Mai  Abu Moghli

Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Education with the Future Education team at the RELIEF Centre
Research fellow at the Centre for Lebanese Studies


  • These are very important questions and critical insights.

  • You have shared some amazing perspectives and examples from your students. can you please add them to the padlet?

  • Thank you so much for sharing the material Mayssam.

  • Thank you Mary for this comment. very important and very interesting. There is literature about the role of education in conflict contexts as well as material on teachers' practice in such contexts. for example if you visit the INEE page
    you might find some interesting resources.
    Also, I am sure our...

  • Maybe we need to think what do we mean by concrete? whats the source of this 'concrete' knowledge particularly when we talk about teaching history in conflict contexts

  • Welcome to all the participants in the course. Thank you for the introductions. We are very happy to have many participants with rich and diverse backgrounds, experiences and knowledge. Looking forward to more interaction and discussions.

  • Welcome all to this course. We look forward to your participation and comments.
    My name is Mai Abu Moghli and I am one of the educators on this course.