Neer Shah

Neer Shah

Hi! I'm an American sports fanatic who is also a Digital Consultant. I focus on using technology to make working in challenging environments easier.

Location UK


  • @MyaHamilton Could not agree more. There's definitely a drive recently to use "weekend language" when explaining traditionally complex things like privacy policies, and it's in large part because there are so many people who agree with your thoughts around privacy policies.

  • @DavidSoasti Very interesting thoughts. I totally agree that "Digital" for consumers is very much a Wild West, and that people - and more specifically, their attention - have become currencies in so many instances that it's becoming the new norm.

    The balance I mentioned earlier was based on the strive for the balance rather than achieving the balance. I do...

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    Couple of interesting thoughts here - what actually IS Mobility? How do you define it? Do you think that telecommunications is the bigger aspect of Mobility or is it the end user device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)?

  • I do think that there's a fine balance between offering personalised ads and invading a consumer's perceived privacy. The challenge faced by so many companies is that they can only create one primary product and regardless of where they sit on the spectrum of personalisation vs. invasion of privacy, there will be a large group of potential consumers that will...

  • The power of crowd-sourcing - I think each of you has a very important piece of the puzzle here :) The content is absolutely important, and equally as important to building the best app are aspects such as understanding the audience, designing the interface to be simplistic, and turning the overall experience of navigating the app into a memorable and...

  • @GarryFabros That's an interesting question. One of the major factors when thinking of AR's feasibility in training environments is reusability (i.e. how many times the AR training content will be used). The more often a specific AR use case would be used, the more financially feasible it would be, and the easier it would be for institutions to adopt it. Think...

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    Hi folks,

    I'm excited that you've taken an interest in learning more about "Mobile" and all the wonderful things it entails!

    As a follow-up to the above bio, I'm currently working on an Oil & Gas project, introducing various technologies such as Machine Learning and Augmented Reality to help their workforce embrace the Digital age.

    I'd love to answer...