Michael Cresswell

Michael Cresswell

UK citizen, retired Australian national basketball champion; <3 a juicy DDH NEIPA beer & Maltesers. Brexit-hater.
B.Ed, M.Ed, PG in online & distance ed. PG in Glob Dev Mmt. I <3 the OU & FL.

Location Scarborough



  • Grazie! molto stresso in finale testo! yay! :)

  • il mio apartamento hai due camera di letto, vicini Como Centrale. Io ho nuova cucina perche mio apartamento necessario per renovatione, piu meno costo per questo. Finieró renovatione pronto pronto!

  • io vado lezione di italiano online!

  • ti va un negroni?

  • benissimo! grazie!

  • ci sono due camera di letto e bagni

  • mi paura di test al basta week 6 :/

  • Woohoo! Veramente?!

  • mi piaccono libri, mi piace gamberoni e piace negroni.

  • a Cairns in Australia

  • oggi sereno in lago di como.

  • e sereno, non fa freddo e nuovoloso.

  • Qualque tempo in alpi molto freddo.

  • mi piacciono libri dell’antico *boh.

  • Michael Cresswell made a comment

    posso un caffe con ginseng per favore!

  • di + il = del
    del pane

    di + 'l = dell'

    di + lo = dello
    dello zaino

    di + la = della
    della torta

    di + l = dei
    dei libri

    di + gli = degli
    degli studenti

    di + le = delle
    delle donne

  • un pacco, un bottiglia di vino, una lattina di arranciata, un barratollo di tuna,

  • Prociutto, pane e pesto.

  • The tests are a bit tense, I feel the pressure of 70% pass average in them to get the certificate. :/ :)

  • Sveglio alle sette e trenta. Provo mangio per mio cane. Lavoro all'universita tutti giorni, ma basta alle cinque. Gioccare con il cane. Cena e sono.

  • un'aranciata!

  • sono sette euro e cinquanta!

  • loro hanno cappucino e cornetto e un tramezzino.

  • il mio giorno preferito sabato e oggi domenica!

  • Ciao a tutti! Cosa fai per io? Si! Va bene! ho fatto durante oggi, studiare italiano e mangio salsiccia tipo englese pastichini.

  • Tutti Martedi e Domenica ho giocco pallecanestro. Mi piace guardarsi nba basket online.

  • i think the Eurovision is one of the best.

  • If there was a rotating Food Expo like the Milan Expo back in 2015, that would be awesome!

    I think the type of vocabulary and terminology used (as described above) is super important so that it extends beyond cultures for clear understanding.

  • I learnt a new word today: aporia (Oxford Dictionary)
    a situation in which two or more parts of a theory or argument do not agree, meaning that the theory or argument cannot be true.

    I think soft power in the EU is to do with things like: freedom of movement and right to live and work in any EU state. - absolutely beautiful.

  • Events, meetings, sharing and developing resources together, and what happens in schools and in education are areas I think of.

    But I also think it might make sense for Tunisia to collaborate with Italy and/or Spain (closer neighbours) rather than the UK and a non-EU member state?

  • Oh, so maybe like getting the CZ and Slovakia to collaborate on something in their small 'club' that lies within the larger 'club' of the EUNIC (for example)?

  • I liked this from what he said:
    'it’s rather like trying to herd cats since each country’s institute has its own particular take on what cultural diplomacy and/or cultural relations is. So what we’re trying to do is find common ground. How can we add value as an association, a club of national institutes for culture, and ministries of culture, and ministries...

  • Maybe there could be a dominance of these three over all other contributors in the initiative.

  • Absolutely!
    I wish that the UK had engaged and developed their constituents so that they realise(d) how they are also European and that their country and history is inclusive of being Europe. Many I come across have/had no idea what the EU really was all about.
    Still today you hear the BBC news and UK politicians say things like: 'the first country in...

  • Absolutely. I recently came back from Cuba. So much to say, so sad. The citizens themselves paint a different picture to that of the Geopolitical timewarp others have and continue to place them in.

  • Access to technology and the resources it can have is a barrier to cultural diplomacy. VR/AR things can help do what can't be done in reality, but it depends on how good the resources are that can give you the quality of what it really is?

  • Ah, his quote, so true. His art, so emotional :(

  • Private actors can contribute other forms of inequalities and political issues for constituents, depending on the nature, purpose or intention of the relation.

  • I see on the 'welcome' signs into a city/town/village that it says the 'sister city' is...
    I think maybe some museums in the UK have some explaining to do with their historical international relations and how they are improving their cultural diplomacy with other nations, and maybe returning items that were never theirs would be a nice gesture?

  • I think about Italy and things like wine, cheese and other foods relevant to regions but are also participating in an international identity.
    What can be done?
    Free market, free movement of people, the EU basically.

  • Absolutely!
    I would think that Australia needs to be part of their local-international community more than anything else - since they are so far away from everything and are a sea-locked country, so I see ASEAN as being a very important element of cultural cooperation, understanding and development.
    - knowing who you are, where we are in place and time, and...