Alison Spink


My name is Alison Spink BA(Hons) DipCII and for 20 years I have helped develop learning content for the Chartered Insurance Institute, the professional body for insurance and financial planning.

Location United Kingdom


  • I guess it could be a general fall in house prices, eg because inflation means people can't afford to move house so the demand isn't there. The price of a particular house could fall because something around it changes, eg a factory is built nearby, or the lovely view it had is spoiled by more building.

  • I think it will depend on what the insurance policy said. The policy may say it covers flood but only if it isn't caused by a hurricane. Some other policy might not say this and cover flooding whatever the cause, in which case wouldn't the policy have to pay the claim?

  • I think moral hazard - how can you know what someone else is thinking? Or whether a stranger will do the right thing?

  • Too true!

  • I think some people might just think 'I'm OK - the insurance will pay' and so not take care.

  • Hi I'm Alison, joining the course late. I'm a courseware editor for a professional body. As my work involves dealing with authors, I'm hoping to pick up some skills to make those sometimes tricky conversations go better. I'm sitting in my little spare room looking across the rooftops at the birds riding the wind.