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  • The third driver listed - CPD throughout careers - is only going to get more significant. Many UK universities have been slow to re-orient themselves as institutions that would be there throughout a graduate's life as they dip in and out of different types of micro-provision. Going online is the only way this can be done at scale, anytime/anywhere.

  • Yes, I was thinking of some of the analogue unbundling that is part of the history of this: occupational health, NHS, work placement companies (I've seen contracted private providers look after students in industry). I'm sure there are lots of examples. The Students' Union is kind of unbundled too...

    Digital vastly opens up the scale and access points.

  • @SheenaMurphy Your point put me in mind of the promo vids for Studiosity, one of the big emerging players for 'unbundled' student support. Here's one of their tutors describing a similar motivation, to see students flourish, but it's all a bit speculative based on a 24 hour transaction...

  • Prof Morris mentions the student perspective and will be keen to see this explored in the course and conversations. It raises the big questions of 'what is a university?' and 'how do students experience 'belonging' to a university?' Is that even a coherent thing now - or are they buying into a varied collection of experiences and digital services?

  • Hi Tom,

    Just to clarify, where fellow learners have flagged comments, and comments are deleted, it’s because they have broken the Code of Conduct.

    It’s odd to see this chain of polemical comments here at this time, when learners and the educator team are focussed on the first week of the course.

  • Mark, I don't work in the field but are you looking for something like the Centres for Buddhist Studies, Jewish Studies or World Christianity at SOAS? There are many other examples in leading universities worldwide. Come to think of it - SOAS are also FutureLearn course contributors - I'll mention to them the interest in other...

  • That's certainly the case, Susan A! New courses are being added to FutureLearn all the time from the contributing universities. The main criteria being: will this be an engaging experience for learners? I'm sure courses on other religions will join this one.

  • Hi all. The team managed to answer lots of your posted questions.
    For those who missed the live broadcast, the recording is available at:

  • Hangout is now over. Many thanks for all your questions.

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  • Big crowd, over 100, here to listen to Dr Allen this evening. Will start the broadcast at 7. Looks to be really interesting!

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  • Just to be clear: 'mentor' is the now preferred FutureLearn nomenclature for members of academic teams engaged in the discussions, as opposed to 'moderation' which is undertaken retroactively by FutureLearn staff. We updated titles to reflect this but there is no other meaning to be inferred from the change.

  • Hi Ann, there's a link to a higher quality recording now:

  • Hi Andrew, a member of the audience asked a question which covered very similar ground so I hope Dr C-C's answer gives you something of a response.

  • Questions asked from floor (a bit quieter in the stream audio)
    - women's access to mosques
    - theological verses, readings: lost in translation?
    - other indications of patriarchy, eg female heads of state? Imams? Prophets?
    - future plans for research

  • I'm not going to touch anything!

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  • I just caught Abyd's joke! Hilarious

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  • Sorry to hear that the course hasn't met your expectations.

    I'm sure you'll appreciate that with thousands of learners, many of whom will have not studied this topic before, editorial decisions have to be made on what to fit into four short weeks. The very positive feedback the team received from the previous run of this course - and from many learners...

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  • Hi all, a few people have asked about the maps. You can access the ONS census data in map form here:

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  • Point taken here - thanks. We relied on Monday morning's email to spread the word. Will give more of a heads up for the forthcoming ones (which will be on subsequent Tuesday evenings 7pm GMT). Be great if you could join us.

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  • Hi, I'm in the lecture hall. Is sound ok now?

  • Hi Henriett, this is linked to later in the course but a good place to start is Prof Gilliat-Ray and colleagues' study "Bringing up Muslim Children":

  • Hi Michael. There's more on Quilliam next week but wanted to note here that it has actually reopened now:

  • Hi all, I'm happy to pass on any additional questions posted here during the live session, so continue to ask away!

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