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  • Vic20 and original HTC Desire

  • @CarlSimmonsI did my previous action research on storytelling to teach abstract concepts and used extracts from Ready Player One to teach legal, ethical and environmental issues to Year 8 students at SWCHS. It was great for engagement as even the SEN and LA students could understand the basics and build upon it. It especially helped the SEN students and I...

  • 1. I would like to encourage creativity in my classroom as I feel that too many students see CS as a logical subject only.
    2. I think that with more creativity my students can become better programmers as there is no one set way of programming a solution to a problem.
    3. Pedagogy and assessment and Societal and attitudinal factors

  • I'm not sure to be honest. We are a small school but part of a very large MAT who have their own training school so I suspect they are probably supportive of action research. It is something I will have a conversation with my Head about once we are back in school properly.

  • I think for me it was and will be defining the specific question I want to answer. Last time I started way too broad and had to refine my research several times. I am hoping this time, having completed this course I can start that process a lot further through.

  • For me, action research is the testing of a theory to see whether it can make the desired improvement in classroom practice. My only action research to date was looking at whether the use of storytelling could increase the understanding of abstract concepts for students. I am not sure when I want my next action research to be on but I do want it to be around...

  • I am an NQT and teaching computer science and ICT in Cambridge. Whilst doing my training I really enjoyed my action research so I was interested in doing some more. I am considering something to do with the 3D animation/Blender course I recently took with Jane et al and looking at creativity in KS3.

  • I am based in Cambridge, UK and I teach in a UTC specialising in Science and Technology. I teach ICT and Computer Science to Year 9-11. I'm also an NQT.

  • Black Box is simulating an external attacker and White Box an internal one.

    3rd party are not only independent and unbiased they also conduct penetration testing all the time so they will have skilled staff to carry out this type of work, more so than the business they are testing.

  • 1. Whilst the search of search histories is reasonable as a security measure as the employees are on the company provided broadband, I do have an issue with them passing on information not relating to the reason for the search onto HR. The content of searches was not relevant merely the sites being visited so I do not think this should have been passed on. ...

  • Whilst it should be the employee's responsibility to know about phishing emails I do think a lot of the responsibility should lay with the employer. It is their business that can be adversely affected a breach so they should be providing employees with training to enable them to identify phishing emails and the business should have robust firewalls to prevent...

  • I would suspect the biggest challenge with network access is managing the balance between user needs and system security. My school will no longer be allowing the use of USBs for anyone but as an alternative, we have access to OneDrive so students can still access their work at home.

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    I have now worked in schools that block websites like YouTube for students to others that do not. Personally, I prefer students to be able to access YouTube as it encourages them to search out answers for themselves and become independent learners. However, in order for this to happen there needs to be a robust Use of IT policy in place that is uniformly...

  • 1. permissions for guests are limited to essential areas of the system only.
    2. Security in school is well enforced. Keycard system to get into the building going past a manned reception desk where adults and students are required to sign in. All staff and visitors must wear appropriate lanyards too and if they don't are challenged. Computers are all...

  • I learned a lot. I previously had little knowledge of cyber-attacks and was interested to know that CAPTCHA actually stands for something.

  • Antivirus scans should be run frequently but I have to confess I don't do it nearly as regularly as I should do.

    If I receive an email from a friend that my AV flags as suspicious it would depend on what it is. If I wasn't expecting it and it was an image or file that seemed random (like the Anna Kornikova one) I would delete it. If it was something I...

  • To avoid becoming victim to a blagging attack, know your contacts. Those that I have supposedly heard from in this regard have been acquaintances at best who would never contact me in an emergency. If it was someone I knew well I would expect a call or text message rather than an email.

    As for shouldering, I hide what I am inputting as I input my pin.

  • I think the name generator type attacks are probably the most successful. Just look at the number of people you see on Facebook posting their rock name or whatever other silly things it is and you can gauge how successful it is.

  • Hi, I'm Yvonne and I'm a very recent NQT. I'm on the CS Accelerator program because I do not have a degree in computing and I want to deepen my knowledge as much as possible.

    To be honest, if I was the victim of a cyber attack I probably wouldn't lose anything of importance as most of my data is backed up to the cloud from where I ran a business for many...

  • Is it possible to do this in September? Since I finished my training last week I have not been able to put much into practice. Alternatively, are you running this course again in the next academic year?

  • I felt the part where she told the class she would deal with Michael later was scripted as was the part where she knelt down next to him, thanked him for complying with her instructions and encouraged him to start his work.

  • I have not got any more classes this year but I will work on my script over the summer so that it is ready for September. I like the idea of this as I tend to explain too much and get drawn in. This should help lots with that.

  • A diversion I have used (where appropriate) is to get the student to pass out the handouts. I have also got the class to work through the first problem with me to provide a solid start for the students who may be finding it tricky. For diffusion, I do the same as the others really.

  • There was lots of understanding, clear expectations and the offer of help when she removed her coats as kept. She also shut down another student when she tried to get involved in a very calm way that did not invite a conversation or allow that to escalate.