Yun Yun Gong

Yun Yun Gong

Professor of Food Safety & Global Health in the University of Leeds.
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  • Good point Wei. It is indeed the consumer who has the detailed insight on that they eat everyday, therefore the decision maker on their own diet choice. This makes the public education of food safety knowledge more important than ever. However, the consumer can not regulate food producers, not to test and monitor most food safety matters. Governments and...

  • Hi, Queeneth, Good question. I suppose here we are talking about the toxic risk to human following exposure. Our exposure to pesticides is very low in general, and it is extremely lower when compared with coffee or tea consumption. In this term, it is less toxic.

  • Hi, Dominic, each country has own healthy diet guidance, so does EU. As you eat mostly plant based food, it seems your diet choice is rather healthy anyway.

  • Great thought, Wei. The removal trace amount of antibiotic from the blood maybe possible, but to remove it from the meat is likely to be very difficult. Also it is possible that the removal procedure may simultaneously remove nutrients and reduce nutrition value of the meat.

  • Sorry I don't know the language of the first sentence.

  • Good thinking, Guillermo. Diet habits haven become less healthier in many countries over the past decades. It is a joint responsibility to all of us to educate public and to change our food system.

  • Hi, Barbara, Thanks.
    I have also read Tim Dowling's article, highlighting the safety issues may occur in our daily life.

  • Hi, Lweendo, thank you for the alert. Indeed it is no longer available on Youtube.

  • Well said everyone. You each made a good argument for your choice. Sustainable production, food safety incident scandal prevention and climate impact are all important points in our food system.

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