Alex Parry

Alex Parry

Alex is a Learning Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Computer Science teacher. When not coding, he enjoys table tennis, gaming and going for walks in the woods.


  • Welcome, I'm Alex and I am a Learning Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I will be one of the facilitators for this course, I do hope that you enjoy it!

  • Hi Caitlin, pleased to have you on the course! You should find some useful and practical examples on how to engage your children in computing.

  • Glad you got it working Tan!

  • I’m not 100% sure. Can you run the same program in two different code cells to simulate the program being run twice?

  • @TanYowKheng ah I see. You’ve worked around that issue very nicely in your code though by using exception handling!

  • Very good point. I think some (but not all) people in education consider Python to be easier to start with due to the minimal syntax, but errors such as a command being indented wrongly can be much harder to debug!

  • It can be a pain installing libraries with IDLE. Glad to hear it worked with Mu!

  • Oh that’s really annoying. Which Python editor are you using? programs written in Python 2 rarely execute in Python 3 due to the changes in the syntax e.g. a print statement has no brackets in Python 2.

  • Hi Tan :) if you write to the text file (before reading it) then it will create the text file for you, hence your previous code working without errors.

    I’m not sure what you mean in your question. Are you talking about Python 3 and Python 2 programs or about the text file?

  • Welcome, I’m Alex and I am a Learning Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

    I will be one of the facilitators for this course from the 4th October to the 25th October. I hope you enjoy the course!

  • Thank you Tan for all your inputs during the course. Very glad to hear that you found it so useful. Perhaps see you in one of our other Python courses in the future!

  • Thanks Tan, glad to hear that you have been enjoying the course!

  • Looks good Matt!

  • The len function returns the length (the number of items) within the list.

  • Hi Carol, the else statement will only run once which is why teamC only has one player in it. You could replace the else statement with another for loop so that it repeats for the number of players left in the players list:

    for i in range(len(players)):
  • @AndyStorey @B.P apologies, the problem should be fixed now. It was down to the sharing settings within our organisation.

  • Hi Dani, pleased to have you here from 101. I hope you enjoy the course!

  • If you are a teacher in England, you can get one for free through otherwise you have to upgrade your FutureLearn account.

  • That’s cheating ;-) seriously though, nice use of numpy - it’s a great library!

  • Hi Josiah, glad to have you on the course!

  • Hi Malik, pleased to have you over from 101! I hope you enjoy 102 :)

  • If you can follow the content then that’s fine. It’s like learning a spoken language, it’s easier to read before writing and the more you read, the more likely it is you will be able to write!

  • Looks good!

  • @shafinaerlangga you need another variable to store the value of the most frequent item.
    At the moment the variable n stores how many times the most frequent value is present in the list. So you could have another variable called say most_frequent_value and assign it the value of i if times > n

  • Thanks for your kind comments, all the best for week 3!

  • Hi Matthew, I hope that reviewing some of the concepts on this course helps you continue with your Python journey.

  • What error message did it give you? It worked for me when I ran it with “Bob” as the input

  • Looks great!

  • We don’t currently have a FutureLearn course on the Sense HAT, though we do have projects on the Raspberry Pi site here

  • Thanks for the feedback Sharon, I’ll make a note of it for future runs of the course

  • Officially we only have the virtual Sense HAT available at the moment, sorry.

  • Thanks for sharing Glen, that looks great! You can still share in Pastebin if that’s easier, we are trialling the new code in comments feature on FutureLearn at the moment.

  • No, to comment out large sections of a program you would use three quotations marks at the start and end, either “”” or ‘’’.

    The three tildes ~~~ are just for sharing code in the comments on FutureLearn; if you put three tildes at the start and end of your program it will format the code and keep things like the indentation intact.

  • That would be fantastic if you could share it when you have a chance Shirley!

  • The while: True loop will keep running until the program is exited. If you close the program in the IDE you are using then it should stop running without having to turn the power off!

  • Yes, only add the 3 tildes to the top and bottom of your code in the comments on FutureLearn, not in the actual program you are running.

  • Yes, you can import one of your own programs as a module using the import statement. For example, if your program was called and saved in the same folder as your new file, you would use import myprog

  • Regarding the commented out code, that’s fine to leave them in. It might even be useful to other learners in showing them what parts you were testing at various points in the development of your program.

  • Hope you enjoy the course Addisu :)

  • Thanks, I’ve fixed the broken link now

  • Hi Bill, that sounds like an exciting venture! I’m sure you will find some interesting ideas to kickstart your group from the course content and other learners’ comments.

  • Hi Corey, great to have you on the course. Post a comment if you need any help at any point :)

  • Hi Miguel, that sounds really cool!

  • Hi Sharon, glad to have you on the course. I hope you feel more confident about physical computing by the end of the course :)

  • Welcome, I’m Alex and I am a Learning Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

    I will be one of the facilitators for this course alongside Matt from the 7th June to the 2nd July. I hope you enjoy the course!

  • Welcome Eleanor, I hope the course helps you with your goal

  • I'm not sure why RIGHT JOIN was omitted from SQLite. They decided to not include or simplify quite a few command; for joins they only support INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN and CROSS JOIN.

  • Thank you for your feedback, I've updated the instructions to specify that you need to double click in the Check column.

  • Unfortunately, you can't currently. I've updated the instructions in the step to reflect this.

  • In SQLite, JOIN is interpreted as INNER JOIN so you are able to. It's good to be aware though that you still are using inner join.

  • You need to follow the part earlier in this article titled "Add a new computer model" before adding the sales record in activity 1 since the model_id 22 does not yet exist in the model table.

  • There isn't an easy way to do it unfortunately. It would only be possible if a backup of the database was stored somewhere so that a previous version could be restored.

  • There isn't an easy way to do it unfortunately. It would only be possible if a backup of the database was stored somewhere so that a previous version could be restored.

  • I don't think you are able to create a new database. However, you could create a table and delete (drop) an existing table in one of the sample databases as a workaround.

  • @MartiñoCervera SQLite doesn't have a date or datetime data type, hence the use of integer. Usually you would use the uppercase INTEGER but the case does not matter.

    SQLite online should save any changes automatically when you run a statement. In DB Browser you can also save the project.

  • That's great! I've done some research into the similarities (and differences) between learning a natural language and a programming language. Enjoy your new career ;-)

  • Hi Jenny, all the best with your career development :)

  • Hi Paul, it is definitely challenging to remember all the commands and how to format them. I will still look these up quite often - knowing where to find them easily is the key! Glad you are getting on well with the course :)

  • @MatthewSimpson could you copy the details of one of the sales you were trying to add here? It will be easier for us to see what the problem might be

  • I hope this course helps Paul :)

  • Hope you and your son enjoy the course together :)