Duc Le

Duc Le

A keen Futurelearner, who is currently seeking employment as a(n) (established) freelance translator.
" In a gentle way, you can shake the world"
(Mahatma Gandi)

Location Hanoi, Vietnam



  • For me, a great leader possesses these following qualities:
    1. A growth-mindset
    2. Empathy
    3. Resoluteness
    4. The ability to organize and persuade
    5. Integrity

  • Well-put, @MichaelCarey Nice to meet here in this course :D

  • Nice to meet you here @ReneHaseth Landscape photography interests me too whenever I explore a place

  • Street photography is my style too. Nice to meet you here @ElizabethHoskins

  • Hello everyone, I am Duc from Vietnam, an Asian country. I have taken photos for a while so i really want to learn its basics again to improve my photography skills set. It was great meeting you guys here :)

  • Hello everyone, I am Duc. Every time I have chances to explore new places, I am fascinated by its harmonious design, which took me here to learn with all of us. I don't know when but I would love to apply the theory of design elements and principles into opening my own store concept. In addition, it might be useful for me to take pictures of buildings, coffee...

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    Hello everyone, we all know how crucial sleep is in our lives but due to screen time and other kinds of distractions, some of us hardly get the required amount of sleep nowadays. Therefore, I'm here to delve deeper into this scientific topic, which I can share helpful and practical tips to other people in the future

  • Agree

  • No matter where you live or work, being surrounded by like-minded and cheerful people certainly affects our well-being and positive energy every single day

  • In fact, I did enjoy the course more than I expected because it's just right for me.
    - To remind me a set of practical tools for example SWOT model, STAR method, elevator pitch and SMART goals and more
    - I am particularly keen on the topic of promoting our (personal) brand on the social media during the second week, which also provides some very helpful...

  • @JuliaUdalova thanks for sharing, I think we will learn more together by the end of this course. The basics definitely help! It was nice meeting you here

  • Yes, employability is also about the way we present our knowledge and skills set, personal qualities to potential employers

  • In my opinion, employability could be defined as work-readiness or job-readiness skills set (or the fundamentals of our job performance and workplace success)
    The following article is quite helpful in order to understand this term a bit more

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    I agree with the given point that by looking at the big picture, a career can be one or many jobs (depending on our personal interests and opportunities) and more long-term.

  • For me, it will be the right combination of the expanding and episodic career style because I always want to keep my career options open and of course available at a specific stage. More importantly, I feel good with my choices and keep learning new things

  • Hello everyone, my name is Duc from Vietnam.
    Let's say im not happy about my current career at the moment therefore i would like to join the course in order to learn the basics again and get myself updated.
    I am particularly interested in the idea of building my personal brand and ways of communicating my core values.
    Happy learning to all of us :)

  • I can cook for a few people and am a good listener too.
    I would love to become more organised, better with money and time

  • In my opinion, our answers to these questions should be relevant and be able to convince the employers that these strengths can help us achieve important goals and results at work

  • I wanted to achieve quite the same thing as you @MariaClarke
    Sometime I got lost with my screen time and couldnt do what I should do in that moment

  • Hope you can get sth useful from this course @EmilyClark Nice to meet you here!

  • What I have learnt from these examples is that critical thinking is about providing more evidence and putting the issues into the wider picture
    I find the See Also section and particularly the Notes to editors in the article quite helpful

  • Greater than because we suppose with his first good impression and postive feeling towards him

  • I spent some days at the hospital to take care of my Mum.
    When I was small, i was a patient for one week after my surgery
    The fact is that the hospital is not comfortable as our homes so we need to do our best to keep fit in my opinion

  • To sum up quickly, the critical thinking model consists of 3 elements (applying in any order you want) which is to ask meaning questions:
    - Description
    - Analysis
    What if?
    - Evaluation
    So what?
    What next?

  • I can put this concept simply: thinking CRITICALLY (the quality of your thoughts or what really matters in such cases) about issues, facts and evidence.
    The video did explain so well with concrete examples

  • I have to say there lots of practical tips from this video but let's learn more about the STAR method and then answer any interview questions with your own words and a positive body language

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    I could not open the link so i found this instead

  • Hi, I am Duc from Vietnam. I join this course to help others learn how to use English in the contexts of hospitals and healthcare, which is very vital in emergency cases. I hope I can learn many new things by the end of this course. It's lovely meeting other participants from all over the world :)

  • Want to join again too. At least, I will finish the First Woman before the next run. Thank you again, both of you

  • @InekeFioole yes i should finish reading this book this year. Thank you for all of your comments :)

  • I think a person in a bad mood is hugely different from a bad-tempered one (it's more about behavior pattern)

  • The second video in See also section is super helpful in my opinion
    One takeaway she mentioned is good steady eye contact and good posture!
    After all, how we present ourselves during the interview can show how much efforts we put into the preparation step

  • 5.

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    Her word choices are so wonderful that i can understand more about the plot, characterisation and want to read this book. Thank you for this compelling interview

  • And Mr Holmes is very popular in our times from books to screen but still quite mysterious maybe all the time

  • I like characters who have both good and bad sides. It's a bit contrasting but they seems to represent us human beings more accurate :)

  • Spot on @maddien It's sometimes really challenging to choose one from your list I think. Because we have so many things we like about one character: their journeys, their thoughts, their quotes, their actions and so on.
    In certain cases, I cannot explain why I liked them from the first place :')

  • That sounds very interesting to explore the perceptions of women with strong personalities in my opinion @NaomiFajilan

  • I have to say this is one of the most comprehensive cooking courses on the Futurelearn up to date.
    For me, the takeaways from this course are very handy and refreshing on the topic of healthy cooking. From now on I know what to buy and cook for myself and my loved ones in order to stay healthy
    Thank you very much for designing this wonderful course and your...

  • I think that's a great idea to use leftovers and learn something new @GodelieveA

  • I find a pouch or a magnetic strip somehow wonderful to store my knives

  • Duc Le made a comment

    Thank you Chef Andy and the team for these informative materials. Much appreciated:)

  • I can think of the hundred-year old man Allan Karlsson in the recent comic novel. I have to say I can learn a lot about how he responded to any life challenges at his age, which is so calm and wise.
    Certainly that wont guarantee a happy ending without any regrets but at least he did his best particularly in the latter stage of his life (older and physically...

  • Wait, do we need to peel the skins of sweet potatoes?

  • Duc Le made a comment

    I think whenever we use a knife, it's enough to be reminded of all these safety rules.
    For me, I personally want to remember the rule of passing it carefully to another person and the tip from Chef Andy!

  • That's interesting to know about different kinds of broccoli and their health benefits.
    But seriously, we dont call our locally available broccoli Chinese broccoli :'|
    We can grow them in Vietnam too!

  • I think i want to cook kidney bean curry from week 3 because this recipe seems to be quite nutritious, refreshing and sort of challenging for me as a beginner cook!
    My current principle is to find any available healthy options for me at the moment such as local ingredients, time and money. At the same time, I think about different cooking techniques for my...

  • That's really great to know @JulietLewis Keep it up!

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    I often use a microwave for reheating and defrosting food because it's quite convenient and easy to use.
    As mentioned in the section of comparison with conventional cooking methods, it can prevent nutrient loss and less harmful compounds (PAH for example)
    I really like the way a microwave heats food associated with the way the sun heats the face skins....

  • It is often said that we are what we eat. I agree!
    In other words, time will tell how good our dietary habits are. 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and more.
    Eating healthily makes me feel good, strong, energetic and alive :D

  • @AllenB thanks for sharing your way!

  • Oh, I didnt that I can find an electric one. This is quite new to me :')

  • I would love to get on in the future but I can improvise when cooking now as you mentioned using the normal spoons or just guessing

  • I would add a Tefal easy soup and smoothie maker to my wishlist because of its versaility!

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    I dont know haha but I eat fish because it's healthier than red meat. If I can, I definitely eat more my personalised version of fish stew dish

  • What are your alternatives @MariaTennet ?

  • Agree we cant resist but we can limit I think @AnnettePayling

  • Agree. When we have more free time at home, we often do nothing else but eat 'good' food @ValP

  • Then i wont feel guilty to eat more carrot cakes anymore :') Thanks everyone for sharing tips =))

  • I wonder what will happen if we have sweet teeth?

  • This is a great point @TonyWells I dont really trust the food labels but for me sometimes I dont have time to cook everything from scratch
    I guess I should live with that:')

  • Totally agree with you @HelenM

  • What kind of butter do you prefer using @NitaRogers ?

  • Duc Le made a comment

    I would say the concept of nutrient density which increasingly becomes a big part of heathy eating and balanced diets. I think that's also the key takeaway from the course.
    Of course, we can have less healthy snacks too but should be in moderation!

  • From now on, I would love to have more milk, eggs, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, apples, bananas on my weekly shopping list.
    For me, I prefer ready-to-cook ingredients so that I can save time while preparing for dishes and regaining control the amount of oil, sugar and salt every meal

  • Spot on @RenataWhitewood
    Bookmarked @MattiHammond

  • @SueAsher definitely that I can learn something from your healthy diet. Thank you!

  • Well-said!! Thanks for sharing :D

  • Wait, do you eat enough veggies? :')

  • I think that's the best in this situation. Thanks for sharing @NicolaCrockett

  • Indeed @GodelieveA !

  • Thank for sharing this piece of information @MarkGatenby
    I guess you can find your own answer in the following steps and weeks ;)

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    Totally agree with the immense importance of home cooking in this case because at least we take the control of the ingredients we can find and afford in our neighborhood

  • Cold ice creams, hot sausages, creamy cheesecakes and so on
    I think it's about the way we cook or make them (it's better boiling sausages instead or using low-fat or fat-free ingredients) and the frequency we consume (once or twice per week, within the daytime...)
    The amount each mealtime is vital too!

  • I cant really say no to a grilled sausage which is spicy and hot.
    And yes, moderation is key to healthy eating. Therefore, I'd better make attempts to have more fish, tofu and chicken for dinner instead:')

  • Duc Le made a comment

    I'm looking for one kind of plant-based oil because in Vietnam the olive oil is quite expensive to consume on a daily basis.
    This is also a reason for that some small restaurants cook with the same old oil again and again to maximise their profits (the oil turns black)
    The smoke point is definitely a new thing I have learnt by joining this wonderful...

  • My pleasure!

  • @MariaTennet a dessert :)

  • I have a serious questiom for all other participants: do you eat all part of tomatoes and chillies? If so why should we do so??
    For me, I eat its most skins only and throw the inside part (seeds) away

  • This week may broad my horizons with a traybake(a new cooking method to me and a bit similar to one-pan or one-pot meals or hotpots in Asian culture), the approach to unhealthy food choices (processed meat in particular)
    Let's get started!

  • In my opinion, any kind of food with too much sugar, salt and (animal) oil provides more calories than our daily requirements for human body (quite easy to find guidelines on healthy eating)
    Our bodies will accumulate these extra calories over weeks and months, which can lead to health issues!
    Based on this principle, I can think of red meat, French fries,...

  • I love anything with homemade tomato sauce because these dishes are quite easy to prepare and nutritious
    I was suprised that we can improve and enrich the lycopene by leaving them on the counter (often put into the fridge immediately), using canned tomatoes and pureeing. Wow!

  • Garam masala: best with shorter cooking times so add just before serving!
    I got it now

  • I personally like the step 2 when our course team explains again why we need a pinch of salt.
    Noted and thank you!

  • Agree i can just think of making salads with red cabbage

  • Duc Le made a comment

    This article is a good fresher for me to keep eating more naturally coloured fruit and vegetable
    For example:
    - Purple sweet potato rich in ANTHOCYANINS
    - Red tomato skins rich in LYCOPENE (more later this week)

  • Thanks to you now I have learnt about this tasty Laksa soup! How often do you cook a vegan Laksa soup per week @RenataWhitewood ?

  • I love beans too :) By the way do you also have sweet soups that are made of different kinds of beans and legumes?
    In Vietnam this dessert is quite popular and affforable
    (less than 2 US dollars)

  • I didnt expect this because I think it depends on how they make dried fruit to keep their nutritional value

  • Hello, nice to meet you @EstherTusal Im sure that we can see your enthusiasm with your contributions throughout the course :)

  • I hope that you can suggest me some new books by the end of this course. Nice to meet you @RichardZahra ^^

  • Yes, these 4 great novels is one of the reasons I want to join this course too. It feels good to gain new perspectives from new books and friends from all over the world too :)

  • I think this is a good starting point. Nice to meet you @SallyWoollard

  • I hope so too. Let's find out more about literature. Nice to meet you @ReynaJaquelineMonteroChávez

  • HI @JeremiahMurphy Im also a big fan of non-fiction books but I find novels a bit perfect for these days. What are you reading now?

  • It's lovely meeting you here @melanieOWOLABI