Hey,I'm Kolawole Peter Akeredolu.I'm tall,dark, slim and intelligent. I am a fresh Petroleum Engineering graduate who want to see it that energy is available to every citizen of the world

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  • In my country Nigeria, Social Investment is being partially practiced by the federal government through trader moni, farmer moni,etc but the positive effets are not particularly felt by the people.
    Notwithstanding, Government and People will understand this better in due course.
    Other business models are thriving but the combination of these models will...

  • Social enterprise is a key parameter to the social,economic and political advancement of a country

  • Interesting

  • In 2018,The Gini coefficient in Nigeria waa 0.351.With the current Nigeria economy and more power and wealth now being acquired by political leaders, the gini coefficient might have shifted to around 0.45 to 0.50.

  • Good leadership is key and here is the turning point. Kudos to the British Council for this initiative!

  • Thank you so much

  • The learning was so interesting that i now want to learn more about project management as well as applying it in my organization.

  • Hello great minds,I am Kolawole Akeredolu from Nigeria,A Petroleum Engineer by profession,I have a keen interest in social enterprise, inclusive business and impact economy.

  • Oil and Gas

  • This course will help me to manage my project

  • Case Study 2.Cane told in Australia

  • Sustainable Development Goal

  • Mentorship is the key factor preventing me from making that change

  • I am confident about what i can do and at thesame time working on the world needs because it is critically important

  • My passion is to see the world as a more peaceful place

  • My name is Kolawole Peter Akeredolu from Nigeria.
    Good policy is key to human rights and development.
    I want to learn better how to formulate policies that could heal the world and make it a better place for us to live-in.
    Thank you!

  • Hi, I am Kolawole Peter Akeredolu from Nigeria

  • I can work anywhere that requires programming

  • In the workings above, The operators (2) doesn't multiply everything as explained. It multiply the first number starting from the bottom row, omit the next number , then multiply the next number an so on. But here (3) which must be omitted during the operation was not added in the final result. That was a mistake anyway!. If you add up the numbers without the...

  • Hello there, My name is kolawole Peter Akeredolu. A fresh petroleum engineering graduate from Nigeria. I'm passionate about learning this course.

  • I made 6 steps of smooth journey

  • I love this course

  • I can't wait

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  • Yes and yes

  • Thinking

  • Motion" is a good example of how the user's understanding of hierarchy, structure, relationship, sense of fun and friendliness, and self-education for easier use next time, is built on intuitive interaction and on previous contact with similar all interfaces.

  • 1) Interface interaction. 2) results page are thesame. 3)I prefer desktop version

  • While driving my car

  • The use of 3 fingers on my phone touchscreen to screen shot is fascinating. It saves time.

  • Cameral. Screen touch and quick response scanner.

  • Face recognition. The usage of each app varies as their sensors functions. U=f(S).where U=usage, S=sensor.

  • My first exposure to smartphones is techno y2. What about the invention of sensor in the finger print?

  • My name is kolawole Peter Akeredolu. A graduate petroleum engineer. I'm from Nigeria. I have chosen to join this course because it one of the best digital skills to come across the world while solving varieties of problems.

  • Thank you so much for your invaluable teachings about occupational health in developing countries.

  • Electric voltage here is the tiger which could be cause electric shock to the workers

  • Hey, I am Kolawole Peter Akeredolu from Nigeria. It's my pleasure to learn together with great minds.

  • Hey, I am Kolawole Peter Akeredolu from Nigeria. It's my pleasure learning with great minds

  • This is unsafe in Nigeria. Of course there are labour inspectors in Nigeria. Lastly, The countries without inspectors should have have in order to safe workers from occupational hazards

  • They should stop the work and ask for quick improvement

  • I am Kolawole Peter Akeredolu from Nigeria.I am a male ,32 years old. I studied petroleum engineering. I want to study occupational health because it will guide me to take precautionary measures against potential hazards in my place of work.

  • There must be an implication

  • Irrelevant information could make one biased

  • Professional, or further study in fields is my choice. The previous one was an error