Robin Bright

Robin Bright

Member of the Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA) and budding screenwriter.

Location Budapest



  • Brainy.

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    I'm sure the posters and banners will be a useful adjunct to any carrol.

  • Obviously, I expect to spend years producing supplementary materials for colleagues, so that there's plenty more rubbish to chuck out.

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  • When I worked on a British Council, British Studies program in Debrecen, Hungary, after discovering that there was no job for me in Eastern Europe after being trained by the local government in England to teach English to students of other languages, I was paid 30, 000 HUF a month = 100 GBP, while those paid by the B.C. received 500, 000 HUF a month plus...

  • My advice is settle for nohing less than what you've expected.

  • There is no advantage to it. Unless you're prepared to be individualistic, you're just a sponger abroad until they reel you in again, and ask you to do some revision/retraining so that they can put you on the hook and fish a bit longer with their worm in the water where the rest of the universe can swim.

  • Forget it. Look for employment abroad. I studied at College for a Business Diploma, and following that a B.A., and after that a PhD in English, and the local government's advice was to accept a job from the back of a van delivering private letters to addresses in the city where I studied. When I gave that up as a bad job, they sent a letter offering training...

  • Do exactly what your tutor tells you to do, and if in doubt get it in writing.

  • Read the set texts and submit the assignments.

  • It's important not to get knovked off balance straightaway with enthusiastic participation in events and activities designed to introduce the stranger to the elder lags who know the ropes and want to keep you on them..

  • It's like bangers and mash. When you've had it, you want bangers and mash instead.

  • Excellent.

  • I found it useful in organizing my thoughts on the subject, thank you.

  • I had some experience contacting Universities but the main rub is, "Come and talk to us." That's what they expect from students, which is why the agent market has grown. Students want someone else to do their talking for them.

  • I don't really think they're valid questions. Dramatic but not pertinent. How many students do you have for us? That's a better question.

  • Useful to know if you're an agent for a medical student.

  • With Oxbridge they select you, you don't select them, and students need to be aware of that to avoid disappointment.

  • I'd advise her to raise her IELTS score.

  • Are there no go areas in terms of study for non Britz, or is it just COD?

  • Shysters, however, appear in every walk of life.

  • It's nothing to worry about. The Unis are generally savvy, and their objective is to see you through to your degree.

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    Brittannia Consular Services are very good on Star street in London for Middle East visas out of the UK for teachers, although some might find costs high because of the need to take a medical in Harley street at the behest of companies recruiting procedures.

  • Universities want to be cashed up, and agents too. Ethically, students shouldn't be short changed.

  • Islam is much different culturally, and agents who aren't Muslim need to recognize this and do their homework.

  • Institutions want to be cashed up with a safe bet for course completion, so they continue to be cashed up for the duration of the program. Student's want a pleasant stay. Agents have to accept that and work towards satisfaction for both parties.

  • "I ought to stress that some of the things expected mightn't be possible, because of time and financial requirements."

  • Interpersonal skills are clearly a must; including diplomacy and compromise.

  • Maintain a smooth path for the student.

  • Maintain a smooth path for the student.

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    Just an interested participant

  • Depends what your interests are. I'm interested in food biology, which makes the KSA the best where abiyah can get a burka at MacDonald's.

  • Thank you, Information

  • I think it's of more validity who determines whether or not the quality assurance or governance and/or student satisfaction and employment rates are what people want.

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    Accreditation largely depends on who believes the accreditor's validity. I know people who have degrees from the UK that aren't accreditable in Europe and so have no value.