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Steve M. Windham, LLM, MBA, EA

Steve M. Windham, LLM, MBA, EA

Google my name if you want to know more about me. I have two websites with my name (Windham) in them.

Thank you.

Location Vacaville, California, USA



  • They strengthen the brain, much like lifting weights strengthens the muscles.

  • Math is a very powerful subject; the mastery of which will be beneficial to many areas of life and business.

  • There is a significant amount of people looking for extra income (or primary income) by engaging in the gig economy. These people are often able and willing to work any hours. They are highly motivated. As such, they offer a good alternative for last mile deliveries.

  • Yes. People already shop online a lot, and if it were to be more personalized, it would create more impulse shopping, alert buyers to deals they are looking for, etc.

  • Thank you!

  • Cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, translation software, online payment methods, etc.

  • Data and analytics are essential because without these, it would be impossible to create an omni channel situation. Data and analytics drive online purchases, and allow for coordination between buyers, sellers, and delivery services.

  • Do you think the sourcing of 3PLs is necessary for successful omni-channel retailing?

    Absolutely! The 3PLs are necessary because of many various factors. These can include cost, efficiency, knowledge of local areas, etc.

  • Omnichannel brings together traditional advertising, online stores, and brick and mortar stores by using various technology platforms. This allows for the consumer to understand the product/service better and experience the input of others before making a purchasing decision.

  • Hello everyone! I am an accountant from California. My desire is to learn about omni-channel because I want to expand my business knowledge and to better understand the role of omni-channel in the business environment.


    Scientists are presently working on various customized and target cancer treatments. Targeted cancer therapies work by blocking selected pathways and/or molecules that tumors require for survival. By disrupting these pathways and/or molecules, the tumor and/or cancer dies (in the best case scenario).


  • I chose the "Stand up to Cancer" blog because I find it inspirational.

    Cancer can be beaten! Many people on this blog have shared their stories, which can be helpful to those who are going through a battle with...

  • My girlfriend's and my oncologist (I do not have cancer, but I was misdiagnosed as having it about seven years ago. I was assigned to an oncologist, and because I liked him so much, I recommended him when my girlfriend developed cancer.) have spoken about cancer treatment over the years. It has vastly improved, and as this course has demonstrated, there are...

  • As I stated earlier, my girlfriend has two types of breast cancer, one of them being Padget's Disease of the Nipple. Cryotherapy (freezing) has been shown to be an effective remedy for this form of cancer.

  • “Terminally ill woman saved by cancer ‘wonder’ drug"
    Tabloid, Internet, or similar non-peer-reviewed publication.
    Intended to sell newspapers or ads (Internet).

    “Cure for cancer found in malaria"
    Newspaper or Internet.
    Informative, but not very scientific. General information.

    “Targeting cancer by a malaria protein-carbohydrate conjugate"

  • Below is a URL for a news article on a new cancer treatment involving the KRAS Code.

    The angle of the article is that this new "breakthrough" cancer treatment is an "irreversible inhibitor of KRAS, a mutant protein common to many troubling tumors, including lung, pancreatic and colorectal cancers." (Haseltine).

    I do trust the information provided...

  • Serendipity.

  • Hello Henna,

    You may also wish to research places such as:

    Google Scholar --
    MedRN --
    PharmSciRN --
    National Cancer Institute --
    New England Journal of Medicine --
    The American...

  • Because cancer is actually many different diseases, it is difficult to treat. What works for one cancer may not work for another cancer. I am hopeful that advances in quantum computing and nanotechnology will soon bring about new cancer therapies.

  • Hello everyone!

    I am taking this course because my girlfriend has two types of breast cancer: invasive ductile carcinoma and Padget's Disease of the Nipple. For various reasons, she is hesitant to have a mastectomy, and I am trying to learn more about cancer so as to be better able to help her.

  • Good points. I really wonder how people equate RF radiation and viruses.

  • Concerning the 5G... As a licensed Ham Radio Operator (KJ6TQC), I know that RF radiation is dangerous. I have yet to see anyone on either side of the argument provide any solid RF Exposure Evaluations. So, until someone does, it is dangerous, insofar as I am concerned.

  • A bit overly liberal, but Prof. Hoffman did keep it reigned in.

  • Hello Valentina,

    What do you study? What country are you from? I am in the United States.

  • Hello everyone!

    I am Steve M. Windham. I work full time in Accounting and Education, and I am a graduate student pursing a Doctor of Business Administration and a Master's of Criminal Justice.

    Fake News is rampant and I have wondered why we, as a society, allow this. There should be some sort of a certification process to ensure that the news is...

  • Hello from Vacaville, California!

  • I am an accountant. I work with clients and associates all over the world. Many of these people, I have never met before in person. But, because of technology, we are able to share data, ideas, and make payments digitally.

    It is amazing how much technology has impacted my career. I am fortunate--during this COVID-19 Crisis, I am still able to work...

  • Hello Everyone!
    My name is Steve Windham. I have taken several courses here, and I am taking this because I have always been interested in how propaganda is used to manipulate people.
    I am both an accountant and a credentialed educator. At the moment, I am not teaching any classes, but I am supposed to be teaching a class that I developed called, "Survey...

  • My students are adults, and I will be teaching them accounting. The particular class is Accounting III. All of these students were former students when I taught at the adult school; this course is being taught independent of the adult school. This class is the third in a series.

    While my students want me to teach in-person, we may have to move the course...

  • Hello FutureLearn,
    I am located in Vacaville, California, which is in the greater San Francisco Bay Area / Sacramento Metropolitan Area.

    Most of my teaching experience has been in Adult Education and Career Technical Education. Adult Education, in this context, is somewhat unique to the USA, as it is somewhere between High School and College. The...

  • Hello Everyone!
    I am an accountant, based in Northern California. I have taken a few courses on FutureLearn. While I thoroughly enjoy the platform, I am going to be very limited with my comments, as I had a bad experience in the last class that I took here. If anyone wants to know more about me, just Google me. I have a website that has a lot of...

  • Very interesting, especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

  • As Dr. Gerrard stated, we are better prepared than we have been in the past. The issue is, we just don't know. The current COVID-19 pandemic could have been much better supressed had the Chinese government acted more appropriately and measures had been taken sooner. Hindsight is 20/20.

    We (as a global community) seem to be playing catch up, so perhaps...

  • Hello everyone! I have completed three classes here at FutureLearn, and I am back for another mostly because of the current COVID-19 crisis.

    I am an accountant, and I am also an educator. At present, I am only working in accounting, but plan to resume teaching again in April after the US tax season is (mostly) over.

    My goal is to learn more about...

  • Hello. I am from Vacaville, California, which is in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area / Sacramento Metropolitan Area. I am taking this course because I am both a doctoral candidate and a teacher (presently not teaching, but have valid teaching credentials--currently working in accounting). Academic freedom is highly important to me!

  • What do you think needs to be done to change the perception of community-based sanctions?

    Perhaps it would be a good idea for the government to have a web page that listed, with photos, all of the people performing community service and why. Newspapers could do this as well.

    Steve M. Windham, LLM, MBA, EA

  • Do we have a moral obligation to support prisoners on their release?

    Perhaps a better question would be whether or not there is an ETHICAL obligation to support prisoners on their release. Ethically, yes, they do. To do otherwise would be setting the ex-prisoner up for certain failure--at least for those who have no resources.

    Do prisons and the...

  • Do you think it is possible for prisons to act as agents for reform?
    I do, but the degree of success will be variable and dependent upon many factors.

    What challenges might they face as they seek to persuade ex-prisoners to break the cycle?
    Family history (e.g. dad and uncle involved), gangs, addiction, poverty, mental illness, unstable living...

  • @VladimirSoyref, yes, it is a great idea. The decriminalization and legalization of drugs has far more benefits than draw backs, and a decrease in crime is one of them--contrary to your post.

    Portugal has decriminalized drugs in 2001. HIV infection rates have dropped, drug addiction treatment rates have increased, drug-related deaths have dropped, and...

  • @VladimirSoyref, I somehow forgot to post my second half of the "end the War on Drugs" comment. We need to legalize and decriminalize drugs. The day we do, the drug cartels will be worth almost nothing. Drugs are expensive and the drug cartels are rich because drugs are illegal. If they were to be legalized, it would devalue the cartels, and the cartels...

  • Should prisons offer programmes aimed at rehabilitating and reforming prisoners?
    Yes, these types of programs should definitely be offered.

    How effective can they be when many prisoners return to similar circumstances once they are released?
    There are many different variables that come into play with recidivism rates. I would imagine that it would be...