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  • "My town" is remembering a particular past nostalgically. I noticed how it includes a number os parallelisms, in-line and verse rhymes to create the tune.

    I drafted my song bearing in mind where I feel home and tried to use the same techniques used in "My Town" as I went through with it.

  • I was asking myself the same question.

  • I wrote the lyrics of my song, but can neither sing, nor play an instrument. :( I'll see if a friend can sing what I created.

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    I would love to write about my home away from home

  • Excited to start drafting... I'm interested in musicals and, maybe, take the perspective of the villain?

  • I like what that lady said about thinking of the plotline first.

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    Hello! I'm Gabriel and however new to music, I'm not that new to writing. I've joined this course to literally write my first song and feed my writing blog:

    This is a new creation of mine and I'm excited to see where this is going.

  • Hello!!! I've joined this course because I've recently created a writing blog to showcase my pieces and my progress over time:

    I think this couse can help me better my writing and help me create more content for my blog.

  • @VickiPS definitely linked. Hadn't thought of that!!! Thank you!!!

  • I really liked when Susan Greenfield said that "absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence", because it speaks for how new this debate is.

    No, I don't believe that mind change is as important as climate change, but they are both important in their own ways. Understanding how the minds of our society are changing is extremely important to avoid...

  • Not at first. But after touching and seeing these shapes I believe that she'll adjust.

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    Thank you for this series of intro to psychology courses. They were amazing and helped me learn a lot. I've never majored in psychology, but that's now in my bucket list.

  • My favorite part was learning about vision and how what we see is transduced into electric signals to be later interpreted by the brain.

  • I was really blown by the checkerboard illustration. I can't see how they have the same color. Tried to zoom in. Cropped them and put them side by side. They always looked different.

    The Harry Potter movie set is full of these illusions. Ginormous castles and corridors were only a maquette and a vintage point. Great place to visit!

  • My favorite part about this week has been learning how our hearing works.

  • A hypersensitivity to heat, for example, can make one withdrawn during summer, which can shape many social interactions. I'm much more outgoing during winter.

    I was watching tv and on my phone; at the same time, I could smell what my mom was cooking in the kitchen. So many senses involved... To start audition because i was hearing the TV, there was the...

  • @JanetMordike Poor cats!

  • When we hear a sound we can calculate where it is in azimuth and elevation. That's how we can localize a voice in a crowd.
    Having a hearing device playing sports can bridge the gap between those with and without a cochlear.

  • Hearing a fire alarm is a good example of how important sound localization can be!

  • @JohnStokes Maybe you missed a point or 2 there!

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    Thank you for a great week!

  • I started to think that what I see as red is everything but red. All lights are absorbed but the longer wavelengths that make us perceive the color red. These waves pass through the cornea, go into the pupil and a lens is responsible for the fine tuning before they get to the retina. There rods and cones (especially cones) will transduce these waves into...

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    "They would sedate and anesthetise the animal"

    This made me REALLY uncomfortable. Hope I'm not the only one who thinks this is wrong.

  • Noticing differences in hues, then, is a job to cones. Because they are sensitive to details while rods will assist me in understanding the situation as a whole.

  • I noticed that with the experiment where kids had to go down a platform, they started with a subtle inclination and changed it to a very steep pathway. What if they started the other way around? Thus, the child wouldn't slowly get more confident to cross the pathway and only the inclination of the platform would actually be at play. Can this be seen as a...

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    Differentiating colors acutely can come in handy living in forests. Poisonous snakes usually have bright colors. Male birds are more colorful than the female.

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    Yes... How about notions of size, distance and depth? These are all sensed by our eyes and perceived by our brains.

    The fine tuning of the lens can be helpful when trying to see details in a picture far away, I guess.

  • Ageing, sensitivity or damage can change our capacity to decipher wavelengths, wave amplitudes and frequencies. Consequently, we'll have a different interpretation of sounds, colors and images as a whole.

  • @VickiPS nice.. Could you please expand on these subliminal messages? Interested in knowing more about it.

  • 1. This pathway between sensation and perception was a takeaway for me: transduction > transmission > recognition

    2. A person saying "tad" or "dad" changes according to which word you're reading as you see/hear the person say it.

  • Quantitative:
    Strength - more objective
    Weakness - how objective can we be when talking about perceptions?

    Strength - more open to self reports
    Weakeness - more easily contested

    Research question that I would like to answer: how to improve writing skills?
    ° Predominantly quantitative and part qualitative.
    ° Necessary elements in an...

  • Stimulus: my dog is limping;
    Perception: I see that he is limping and that he's avoiding physical contact;
    Recognition: Something is wrong. He's an old soul and that must be due to his age. He must be in pain. Poor thing! if I don't do anything, he'll die soon.
    Action: i take him to the vet

  • @QuratulAin couldn't agree more!

  • How about reading a book and seeing the story with our mind's eye?

  • Happy to be starting another course in the Intro to Psychology series.

  • I think results are as subjective as the answers provided. Also, there's no way to know if they're completely true!

  • Maybe questions related to internet use and the dangers existing online? I don't think not having questions about these points will zero the test altogether though.

  • There must be a pinch of Barnum effect in astrology. Haha I can see something true about me in the description of every star sign.

  • Personality tests reliant on self-report can be misleading. There's how I see myself, how others see and what I think the other person will like to hear.

  • I mostly sympathized with the situation X person X behavior approach because of how tailored it seemed. At the same time I can see how challenging that can be when studied scientifically.

    I've enjoyed the discussions in the 2nd week more. We're studying how personality is and not its origins.

  • I really sympathized with the situation X person X behavior idea, because it speaks for the individuality of everyone and the particularities of every instant in our lives. There is no guarentee whether people are being truthful in those personality tests. They may be lying unbeknownst to themselves.

  • I scored 0.9 in social boldness. I must confess that I saw it coming! Haha

  • Absolutely. I think it's best to see these theories as companions and not opposites. I'm intrigued by how an experienced psychologist can work them out in session with a patient.

  • I think that there are different degrees of influence nurture and nature can exert depending on the situation.

  • He may never have got the chance to let that pain off his chest. Instead, he repressed it and denied Christmas for what it started to represent.
    In a Freudian perspective he listened to his id at the expense of the better judgment of his superego.

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    They react differently to the same exterior influences, even if it's just to get more attention from the trainer.

  • 1. I think it is possible to skip levels and not fulfill them 100% before moving to another stage. The bottom line is: what's crucial to you as a person? It's your life journey after all, and only you know what enough means.

    2. Being my better version every day as to self confidence, cultural expertise, social skills, and more.

  • Excited for the upcoming week. The question "who am I?" has been a puzzle in Literature for some many decades.

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    Thank you for this week!

  • Yes, it is broad. How could we narrow this down? I don't know. I'd love to know how our brain is involved. What parts are ignited by what situations?! And how that influences our reactions or personality as a whole.

  • I scored 3 - internal locus control!

  • I think they all took a step forward by not placing an exaggerated focus on sex. Despite that they were still probing into new territory and might not have chosen the most scientific route. I don't fully agree with them, but that doesn't zero their work for me.

  • I started reading Rupi Kaur after a "break up". Her poetry helped me put things into perspective and made me see that I was bigger than all that. At first, I denied everything, but when I finally faced the unavoidable I regressed and cried copiously. Trying to repress was futile and, finally, after crying it all out, I rationalized the whole thing and moved on.

  • 1. I think so, because it will always be a reaction to a distressing situation. Then, whenever a distressing situation occurs a defence strategy will ensue.

    2. I guess I am a mix of everything, but it all depends on what happened exactly. All things considered I think that I rationalize predominantly.

  • 1. I think that the latest studies are more consistent with what I believe in. Sometimes I feel that Freud jumps to conclusions too fast as in "an unresolved issue in the oral stage will cause this or that in adult life." To me things aren't so simple, nor linear.

    2. They're so relevant and talked about to this day, because they opened the gates for other...

  • @TinamGidado my guess is that they do!!!!

  • 1. This was the first time I realized that part of the Ego is in the unconscious. I see my "ego" as the compromise between my "id" and my "superego".

    2. I think that a personality change over time is absolutely possible. I say that on the grounds of experience and empirical observations. There are certain things about me that have changed dramatically in...

  • The last question hinted at what I started to think while reading this section. I don't believe a person's personality can be summed up along 5 continuums - yes, continuums!!! I think this topic is so nuanced that it's next to impossible to create a box and categorize people. I believe that out upbringing, our environment and time play an important role in...

  • Thank you for this course!

  • I chose "no" only because of the word "predominately".

  • I approach physical contact in class with caution, especially if it's between teacher and student because of social biases.

  • Instead of learning new things how about learning new ways to do or see what we already know? This may boost students' self-esteem and open the gates to new content input.

  • There's a "what" and a "how" that coexist. The "what" is the content input students are recipients and the "how" is the manner in which students are being taught. Learning best occurs in a safe environment that caters to academic and emotional needs.