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judith haire

judith haire

Author, Politics Graduate (University of Sheffield)

Location kent, england



  • @MonicaCampbell thank you

  • I'm sighing too at this point because in the NHS we seem to make heavy weather of this, why isn't everyone diagnosed in an holistic way. We know the gut brain connection how they are in constant touch with each other why aren't mental health assessments done at the point of Triage as a matter of course, maybe they are maybe I have this wrong. Please...

  • My background: advertising/marketing/
    UK civil service. Published author in field of mental health. Family member has Parkinson's Disease

  • I'm pleased to report that I had an ECG this morning at my GP's surgery. This was to monitor my heart following an electrical injury I sustained in my home on 31 July (which had resulted in my having an irregular heart beat) I was lucky that even though my GP was away the duty doctor was able to look at the print out and my ECG was fine with no sign of...

  • I was once in an abusive relationship and experienced domestic violence. I'm a freelance writer currently studying journalism. I have made the decision to study gender based violence however scary it becomes., and have promised myself that I will be sure to seek help if the studying of this subject re traumatises me in any way.

  • Having no medical or clinical training under my belt I am finding aspects of this course overwhelming but from a patient's perspective, it is very useful and also empowering to me, to go through the course and learn about the various stages and procedures a clinician takes while giving a patient an ECG. Thank you.

  • I presented with arrythmia and chest pains and have had several ECGs in hospital where I was prescribed a beta blocker and an anti coagulant. I have an ECG upcoming at my GP surgery on 10th October 2017. I am hoping this ECG is normal. I am finding the comments here useful and reassuring.

  • I'm not medically qualified but am taking this course in order to understand how the ECG works as I am in the process of having ECGs both in hospital and at my GP surgery to diagnose treat and assess potential cardiac problems in myself.

  • Sorry I cannot continue on this course when I read that genetics and biochemical imbalances can be causes of psychosis; a gene has never been found and the chemical imbalance theory was discounted and discredited years ago. Very disappointed that this course refers to these things as causes...................Leaving now.

  • Very engaging interesting course and very much looking forward to week 2. Thank you.

  • I've found Week 2 very engaging, interesting and I have understood what I have learned. I am looking forward to Week 3. Thank you for a very well presented course.

  • a family member has Parkinsons symptoms within a diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia/Pick's Disease and I want to find out more information.

  • Trouble is any news is old news the minute it is tweeted about this puts untold pressure on journalists to come up with a new angle for printed news. That's the downside of digital news coverage.

  • a good story is only as good as the person who wrote it. If the person stayed up all night to write the story then the story should surely fascinate anyone but if it's dots and dashes then there will be nothing to hook anyone's interest on, will there?

  • What happened? why it happened? what could have stopped it happening? First port of call the hospital to see how many casualties there or how many people unaccounted for. Address any health and safety issues (if yet known) keep it as breaking news until at least one of these questions can be linked to a logical and confirmed answer.

  • I am contacting you at the University by email. Kind regards Judith

  • as a concept football is certainly global with coverage in so many countries around the world but inequalities exist so it's not a truly global game IMO

  • Citing Manchester City over the last 4 seasons I'd say money does not go hand in hand with success. They spent millions on reforming the squad tried to make it an off the peg team and it took more than one season for the players to gel. I miss the old "Home Internationals" and I think football is getting like Formula One with the same clubs popping up in...

  • Fascinating. Usefully packaged and easy to engage with and understand. Thank you.

  • I'm a Politics graduate and came on to this after completing Psychology Beyond Nature and Nurture
    course. Especially interested in the role,or otherwise, of genetics in mental health and to further my knowledge generally.

  • Thanks very much Sally! hope so too.........

  • Have really enjoyed week 1!

  • Good informative video

  • Thanks well for me it would be Chelsea

  • Hello John. Yes you bring up valid points here. Yes maybe tighten up rules on non EU players. SKY are exploiting us all and a mass exit would be the answer but is not going to happen. Salary cap system yes. The quota of homegrown players would work if the smaller clubs were given more money and academies too as I said. Thanks for your reply

  • I blame the government for selling off so many school playing fields. This has a direct impact on children's involvement in football and you've only to read all the criticism directed at our national side to see that we need to have far more academies and "home grown" players. We reflect that certain players struggle at international level but they are taken...

  • Am based in Kent, England and looking forward to the course!

  • Hello everyone. Yes that was a cracking goal from Charlie. But yes it's all about subjectivity and personal opinion. What an interesting course so far...

  • I was happy working through the course though I would have preferred it to last 6 weeks and I was surprised you recommended Oliver Sacks but didn't provide content related to it, I was surprised about the mention of genetic factors in Schizophrenia I don't believe there are. I think the attendance certificate should be cheaper to reflect a shorter course. ...

  • I found this week more difficult because there did not seem to be so much information
    It's definitely a good learning strategy to join in the discussion ; being proactive is an aim of this course and I think if you find out info on your own you are more likely to remember it

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    very interesting

  • Useful information thanks

  • looking forward to this

  • well I think that so far...I could be wrong. Yes, I meant within one brain. Don't be sorry yes lots of questions, more questions than answers right now! TY for reply.

  • thankyou.....Very clear. Interesting. looking forward to next week.

  • such a lot to absorb thank you

  • thank you

  • I think it's use it lose it with the brain We know brains function even if parts are missing This is intriguing subject matter and extremely interesting

  • thank you very interesting

  • They are all unique

  • Thank you