Tina O'Donnell

Tina O'Donnell

I am a Police Officer at City of London Police, with over 10 years experience in Fraud and Economic Crime, Action Fraud and the Police National Co-Ordinators office supporting Police Forces in the UK

Location City of London


  • fraudulent practice of sending text message purporting to be from a known sauce ie bank to gain personal information such as pin numbers or passwords

  • Hi that is great news and one of the reasons behind developing this course, to empower people with knowledge to prevent them and the wider community becoming victims. So happy to know you will be sharing your learning.

  • Not an easy question to answer. This depends on the country, area, institution that is investigation the case. Police forces in the UK will assess the cases received against their case assessment criteria and the information and evidence available, rather than the cases received in a golden hour, unless their is clear risk to life or assets among some other...

  • Hi, not sure what you are looking for in relation to examples but in many industries now you will have skilled professions dealing with counter fraud such as , financial institutions, NCA, SFI, Police, FCA, SFI, HMRC. If you are looking for individuals we would not give out those details. Hope this helps

  • Unfortunately greed is quite often not the reason someone becomes a victim of fraud, quite often it is trust. The elderly quite often get deceived by fraudsters believing them to be from a trusted sauce ie their bank or HMRC and give them details or funds believing. This belief that it is down to greed is one of the reasons that Victims of fraud still find...

  • I agree but this should also apply to not just specialist investigators but investigators of all crime as fraud is too large a crime to be just specialist (Fraud).

  • This will help but more effective is education so that people and companies are aware of how fraudsters can impersonate or give false information etc.

  • this will help but not unfortunately would not counteract all elements of fraud as not all fraud is through some kind of cyber.

  • A dishonest act but also with deception ie to say you are something when in fact you are not in order to make a gain.

  • You are on the right path, it is around deception . Purporting to be something it is not to make a gain

  • Sorry to hear that, hopefully this cause will give you the tools to protect yourself and educate others as well as investigate

  • Thank you for your comments and suggestion regarding an app for the FIM, this is a good idea and one that we will consider reviewing. enjoy the course.

  • Thank you for your comments, our aim with to course is to officers and the public an understanding of fraud and how to investigate and prevent becoming victims of this crime. Front line officers encounter volume fraud so it should be part of their basic training to have an understanding around this subject matter, hopefully this will go some way towards...

  • If we can educate and raise awareness to enable the vulnerable potential fraud victims to protect themselves from becoming victims and raise awareness.

  • Education around fraud and protection are key, great points made

  • Good Points made and I agree the earlier people are educated and made aware of this can only be a good thing, in turn the education and awareness gets passed onto friends and family.

  • Good point made and agree , education and awareness is key.

  • Good points made and agree that education is key and spreading the word, knowledge is power.

  • Like your comment Helen, the approach to investigating fraud has to change, unlike other crime types we cannot investigate our way out. The FIM provides a model where Prevent and Protect are key elements to reduce the repeat offending of this crime type at an early stage.

  • A very interesting comment and an issue that fraud investigators throughout the world continually struggle with. When investigating any fraud, particularly with an overseas jurisdiction, it should not stop agencies working with International partners and providing information and intelligence through the correct channels in order to reduce this type of crime....

  • Tina O'Donnell made a comment

    I agree , in most crimes there are cases that can be quite complex, but fraud like other crimes types have cases that with knowledge / awareness and education can be investigated and prevented like any other crime type and does not need to be kept in the specialist sector of investigation. We (especially law enforcement) should have the skill set and...

  • Fraud criminals are clever at grooming potential victims, quickly find ways to reassure any concerns they have, which in turns makes the victims embarrassed and ashamed despite their initial concerns.

  • Good feedback and comments. I think what is key to have an awareness of fraud and how to prevent and protect against it alongside having the confidence and skills to investigate this crime type as much as any other crime type.

  • I will raise this issue with the design team, thank you for highlighting

  • Good Afternoon Learners and welcome to the course. Great to see that there is a cross section and variety of learners already on this course with loads of interaction. What is good to see is an awareness of the need for further education and training on the subject hopefully this is a step in the right direction. Being aware of the vulnerability of victims...