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I studied accounting in my first and second degrees. I am in the academics, therefore the need to add more qualifications and be grounded with research skills.

Location Nigeria



  • @GeraldColan-O'Leary interesting!! I am on my way to getting my certificate

  • I am shocked beyond words

  • Tax avoidance can not be morally justified because individuals and business organisations are expected to give to the state a fair value from the privileges it enjoys for living or operating in the state it resides. Take a look at this article on Starbucks use of law to deny UK of it's...

  • In a country with functioning systems the citizens should be happy with the tax system even when tax is paid on everything. After all, the levy would be use for the benefit of all.

    What would you say of a country that collects tax and yet nothing seems to be working? I wish I have the opportunity of living in a country that things work. I would gladly pay...

  • Despite the arguments for tax avoidance sounded convincing to me earlier, these arguments went down better to me. Recalling the starbucks tax avoidance article in the previous section makes this more convincing to me.

  • Sound convincing if I must say. However the challenges might sprout from the fact that each country has different loopholes for tax avoidances. Therefore, these argument could be improved if .....

  • You can say that again

  • Moral objectivist is what I am more inclined towards. This is because what is right shouldn't be subject to time and place but rather on facts.

    I think British people care about tax avoidance now because they now know how tax levies shape the economy and tax avoidance is like depriving Caesar of his dues.

  • My view has changed drastically.
    I am one of the many who think that I have got nothing to hide nor worry about, hence I don't bother to read T and Cs, but click the button and then carry go any thing that involves privacy and the use of my personal data.

    Now I know that things could go warry and my personal data could be compromised and my security hijacked.

  • Before reading the Cambridge analytical files in the see also section my opinion was that I would accept the offer made by the political party basing it on the fact that, we are actually who we are without apology. As in, if the campaign wants to Target the LGBTQ, why not.

    Right now, I am wowed and still trying to process what I just read. Indeed a lots...

  • The chilling effect of our data getting out of hands can never be over rated.

  • I see it differently from your view point.
    In this particular scenario, the big data algorithm had helped simplify the difficulty the teenage girl would have gone in trying to get items she would need as an expectant mother.

  • How Facebook had become the world's largest echo chamber is very insightful.

    Now I know more why Gerald Colan-O'Leary is so agants tracking of personal data.

    In all, I am becoming concerned about "ownership and privacy" of my private data most especially when it has to do with security.

  • How Facebook had become the world's largest echo chamber is very insightful.

    Now I know more why Gerald Colan-O'Leary is so agants tracking of personal data.

    In all, I am becoming concerned about "ownership and privacy" of my private data most especially when it has to do with security.

  • Knowledge is indeed key to liberation.

    How much do I even know of my data that is being collected before fighting for my rights?

    If not for this course, I might never had known privacy rights and how invaluable our data are to businesses.

    At this juncture, I think I am still very comfortable giving out my data so as to get customised or targeted adverts.

  • Irrelevant advertisements could be very frustrating and annoying. However, a relevant advert could spur your desire to have what you have been craving for but not knowing how to go about it.

  • Since Science involves the pursuit of knowledge that is concerned with the physical world and its phenomena, understanding the fact that surrounds business profit is a phenomena under real word scenarios.

  • Data science
    Predictive modelling
    Machine learning
    Knowledge of a programming language

    Data analyst
    Visualising data

  • This doesn't seem as simple as I thought.

  • Let me join your boat.

  • The "pipeline", let's find out what it is since it will help one gain the best value from the numerous data available.

  • Let's get going!!

  • *Anything about data analysis catches my fancy.
    *To build on my little knowledge of data analysis.
    *Interpretations of analysed data, hence looking forward to demystify it.

  • Can't wait to dive in. Exciting

  • Hadiza Umar made a comment

    Thank you

  • Number one of my life challenges

  • Remember when designing a process that is human centred such as the e-commerce website you have designed, you need to emphasize with the potential users of the site, thereafter, design something that they actually need not something you think they need.

    How well are the prospective users been exposed to the site before the final release?

    It will be...

  • Sustainability (availability) of the materials to be used in the HDC could also pose some challenges.

  • Ways to make ourselves happy despite the frustrations.

    Life must go on.

  • I am Hadiza from Niger state, Nigeria.

    Niger state is one of the states with the largest land in which its people are predominantly farmers. It has some interesting sites such as the Gurara waterfalls, the Kaiji game reserve, Jebba and Kaiji dams.
    It is one of the states in Nigeria that has suffer neglect from the
    Its government this is because despite...

  • @MaryPage diving into the course makes me understand the "little bit" you mentioned.

    I now understand the aim of this course.

  • Hadiza Umar made a comment

    I understand more English than my own language. Therefore, teaching accounting in English isn't a big deal for me and the majority of my students. This is because the medium of instruction from the elementary schools has been English.

    However, this doesn't overrule the fact that, most of us need to perfect our English understanding. Of course, we do make...

  • You are doing well

  • I am in the academics and feel my English needs upgrading to an international standard.

  • I think the 5 whys approach can help me in solving this my personal problem:

    The problem: you haven't written a sole authored academic research paper and you need it for your forth coming promotion.

    Why haven't you written any article since you first appointment as an academic over 8yrs ago.

  • Exactly my concerns too.

    Needs more data for better decisions

  • Smile

  • This means that we are at liberty, using technology, to explore any thing as we deem it fit.

  • @OluchiAdeoti still stucked? I am up to date.

  • I think not having recent credit history should be a plus to the borrower since it will show that they were able to live without debt for some time. Therefore, I think credit reporting is fair tool.

    I am with u here, been searching for d previous video.

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    Hadiza from Nigeria.
    Want to know all about fintech. I am in the academics and interested in entrepreneurial finance. I hope to be more finanally literate after this course

  • So sad.

  • Not until I got here that an idea stroke me..

    Maybe I could be innovate too, what if I use use fishbone or rich figure diagram to explain or understand my research problem, wouldn't that be great?

    By the way, I want to be a researcher. Are they innovative?

  • I can't even answer any of the above questions....

    Now I see why I am just a nobody.

    I don't even know myself.

    I feel sad.

  • @OluchiAdeoti hi,

    Have u installed the progressed on the course?

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    I have stucked here couldn't proceed from since last week..
    Downloaded MIT app isn't responding on my Android phone.

    I sincerely and seriously need help.

  • I'm having same problem with you.
    I have remained on this level since last week hoping to get a solution that is yet to come.

    The request for WiFi, could it be a country specific problem? I guess u r in Nigeria as I am there too.

  • Oops!!

  • @MaríaIsabelCortés I can't even move pass the first page of the MIT App so have done nothing tangible since downloading the app.

    I don't know if we allowed to private, I would have dropped my WhatsApp number so that I can show you the picture of the app page on the screen of my phone.

  • @CongyingHe read the above.
    WiFi isn't popular here except in some office environment.

  • I think I was wrong.. I thought i got it downloaded but no because as I just tried playing it, it says "the video might have been broken" and ask me to download again.. perhaps, this particular video is not downloadable.

    Sorry for raising ur hopes high.

    I wish I could use a laptop too but no, because data cost isn't favourable here in Nigeria.
    Asit is...

  • I use an Android phone and a download arrow appears on the screen when ever I tap on the video to play whether there is option to download or not.
    So I don't know if there is a special way to it.

  • @venkatesanIyer appypie not free....then not for me.

  • Really, I had been stucked trying to open the MIT App inventor 2.
    Let me try you appypie. I will get back to you soon

  • It is downloadable

  • It's asking for a six digit code or scan QR code,..which I don't have either.

  • Just downloaded it but can't move away from the first page...
    Maybe because I am not using WiFi but mobile data, I really don't know and I am anxious to learn.

  • It will be very much appreciated if you share the steps u used to get it into ur phone.

  • What type of phone, Android?

  • Me too, just got here and hoping that my Android will solve the problem..

  • I have quizzlet but Doesn't know how to use it...

  • I am with you, even though I am almost same age with ur first child ... I still need to learn almost all what u mentioned here.

    Just like u, I need a teacher for the teacher..

  • Wow!

  • Need help here, I don't understand how to use this vocab profiler. Thanks in advance

  • @MariaJoseGonzalez I think Hanna Kurovska followed the useful link given in 1.12 to be thrilled.
    Unfortunately, he hasn't replied you to confirm, I think exploring the link will get you there.

    "The University of Wollongong ‘Literature Review Search Tracker’ - an excel spreadsheet which lets you plan, organise and retrieve your searches across numerous...

  • I think it's from 1.12

  • The negative impacts are;
    *Loss of wealth: anyone who purchase shares of such company will eventually lost his/her wealth in the long run even though phantom gains are realised.
    *Jail term is inevitable by the penetrators
    *The company may never gain the public trust again which can lead to death of the company.
    *Lost of job. Many innocent employees will be...

  • Since socialising online rather than face to face is not void of its negativity, I feel you can add a paragraph as a critique of the situation so that you can recommend a way to balance the situation in your conclusion.
    This is not an expert suggestion.

    I wish an expert or one of our educators give an answer to this.
    Class please respond

  • Why is entrepreneurial financial management behaviour important to the survival and growth of SMEs?

    *Access to and proper utilization of Finance are keys to the growth of SMEs

    *Businesses will experience stunt growth or die if the owner or manager lacks the skills require to manage working capital efficiently.

    *There is need to understand the...

  • Discuss the reasons why entrepreneurial financial management behavior is important to SMEs survival and growth.

    Why is entrepreneurial management behaviour important to the survival and growth of SMEs?

  • Earger to know....

  • Interesting place you got there.

  • Hadiza Umar made a comment

    Just as the world is changing so is Mokwa town too. Mokwa is a small town in the north-southern part of Nigeria. One major change that has occurred over the years is the availability and the use of satellite dish by many households. This has transformed the manner in which families most especially children spends their spare times. Not up to 20 years ago, only...

  • There is only one college in mokwa.

    There are many smallholder farmers who are still into traditional farming methods despite the advancement in technology.

  • Discuss the reasons why entrepreneurial financial (management behaviour or) capability is important to SMEs survival and growth.
    I want to know whether entrepreneurial financial management skills could make or mar SMEs

  • The cost of living is now very high in Nigeria. This is making families to cut on their expenses and only concentrate on only the basic necessities despite the availability of varieties of goods. Also, they are are careful on the number of children they should have in other to be able to give them the basic quality of life. This difficulty in living has also...

  • Hadiza Umar made a comment

    Do you know that I enrolled in "developing your research project" just to have a better understanding on writing a PhD research. Critical thinking has helped me to compose a proposal especially in;
    *Note taking, I was able to take constructive notes from relevant articles. With the notes, I am able to see alot of areas that need further studies.

  • Now I must ask, must I always include the "available at URL and date accessed" of every online source?

    What if I can't find it or do not remember the day I accessed it.
    Can I ignore it and then referenced it as it it were a printed copy?
    Could doing that amount to dishonesty?

  • I see, I am obviously inexperienced.
    Hoping to get to that hight very soon.
    Thanks for the hint.

  • Could it be the same as the number of times an article is cited? Google scholar has an icon to indicate that.

  • How would you know that a reference is a qualified expert study?

  • @DilaraKala I will be happy if you give an example of how to use keywords in finding relevant information about a subject.

  • How would you know if an author uses "strong references across time".

  • I have never been worried about the sources because never have I gone outside of my lecturer notes.

    I have never experienced information overload if not now that I am in search of a PhD.

    Now I know why I am not a critical thinker, it is just because my University never exposed us to the task.

    Anyways, I have no choice now than to develop the skills....

  • I am not fortunate to school where exposed to critical thinking. I have never gone beyond the notes I take in the class. I accept whatever my lecturer offers and I give back same during exams.

    With that I have passed my exams without being penalised by my lecturers.

    Now I know what I have missed.
    For my next degree, I will definitely read wide and ask...

  • After exploring the postgraduate courses in the University of Leeds, I am confident that I will get nothing except the best when given an opportunity to study there.

    I am currently hunting for an opportunity to study PhD in entrepreneurship and University of Leeds has what I want. It offers it perfectly beyond my expectations.
    As in, I was worried about...

  • Best wishes

  • @KeishaTaylor yes I know that this course is courtesy of University of Southampton.

    Is Southampton not in the UK?
    I will have to find that out.

  • Hadiza Umar made a comment

    Knowing the importance of reading, note taking and making was good to me. Very interesting was the tutorial on note making by University of Leeds where I learned how to paraphrase, summarise and use quotation and also referencing to avoid plagiarism.
    The exercises on plagiarism were really eye openers because there are issues I had taken for granted.


  • I am very poor at note taking. I rarely take notes. I have now seen it as a major difficulty to how I should organise a PhD proposal.

    Going through the resource on note taking and note making skills, University of Leeds has opened my eyes to an important aspect of note taking and how to avoid an academic misconduct known as plagiarism.
    I will definitely...

  • Won't hot water destroy other beneficial organisms in the soil?

  • This is a wow!

  • I am from a rural area in Nigeria. Most farmers are smallholder and still use the traditional farming implements, hoes and cutlasses.

    Only a few farmers could afford the services of agricultural technology like tractor. Almost all the farmers harvest their produce manually using women and children.

    Where I live, we are still very behind in terms of...

  • To avoid plagiarism, how should I reference and citate the above articles on worldometer and global food security.

    Need help.

  • To avoid plagiarism, how should I reference and citate the above articles on worldometer and global food security.

    Need help.

  • I need to concentrate more. The exercise wasn't that easy for me.

    I understand justification but claims and evidences are far out of reach to me.

    This is worrisome, since my aim in undertaking this course is to be sound in academic research skills.

    Or is it that I am not proficient in English?

  • @LeoWang may I need to do the IELTS because I couldn't clearly distinguish a claim from an evidence.

  • I am Hadiza Umar from Nigeria.

    I found myself joining to many free online courses which is making me have fewer hours of sleep. Hence I joined this course to find out the possible harm I am causing myself from not having enough sleep.

    Teach out techniques sounds interesting. Looking forward to learning through it.

  • Is building society same as cooperative society in Nigeria?

  • Cool stuff for a great country.