Clive Mofokeng

Clive Mofokeng

Clive is a Compiler for International and National Dance Music Compilation Cd’s. Currently the Head Dj Lecturer at the Boston City Campus(Soulcandi Institute of Music), in Johannesburg (South Africa)

Location Johannesburg is a buzzing city oozing with creatives


  • Chris Carey nails it (for me), as personally I think the economics of copyright do kind of differ from one artist to the other artist and from the traditional economics of the real world. Great session this.

  • Wow interesting to see how far along did copyright come from. Loving this section!

  • Wow now this section is great!!!!! Thank You.

  • Hey everyone, I am a professional DJ, music curator, music business training advisor and a DJ 101 Head Lecturer for an institute of music (production and composition) based in Johannesburg (South Africa). I am following this course (on copyright) so that i may best equip myself with the knowledge and understanding (on the subject matter) so that I may be of...