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  • quick thinking and decision making was the greatest challenge i had, giving that almost every patient need help, but you can only help a few.
    you have to be able to make quick decision without prejudice to work in a triage.
    it was quite an emotional experience giving the feeling of helplessness in some situation.

  • there is nothing better than peace

  • beautiful

  • totally agree with you, but the problem is identifying this connectors

  • for me it depends, personal security should be a top priority, in a war thorn environment such as this, i think is a good idea to go with security but they should display minimal show of force.because things can go wrong if there is a little misunderstanding with locals, but doing so may lead to mistrust by locals and accessing them will be very difficult...

  • i can't think of any, i wasn't born at wartime. will read comments and support.

  • this is a very difficult situation given that if he corporate with the colonel, he will bridge the patient-doctor confidentiality and if he refuses the colonels request, he may likely be killed given that army officers may not likely take no for an answer and the principle of neutrality has been broken. very difficult. if i was in his shoes, i will likely...

  • the principle Neutrality will be most impacted because a health care officer will find it so difficult not to take side in an armed conflict area given the sensitivity of such a place.

  • my first reaction would be to secure the hospital staff and premises because if the hospital staff community and premises is not safe then patients accessing health care would be nearly impossible. then i would take only the capacity of patients the hospital can carry and ensure they are treated as much as possible. where their is no hospital equipment and...

  • i would likely ask myself
    why would a health facility be targeted by insurgency,
    is there any political or opposing force member in the hospital,
    is the hospital used for secret and undercover operation.
    because for every action, there most be a reason. i will all this data for a proper decision making at the management level. with this information,...

  • do no harm principle is what we observe on our day to day project activity in USAID sponsored E-WASH project in Nigeria.

  • i don't have experience in combining the two because am not a health care professional, but as an M&E officer in the USAID E-WASH project i work in, i manage conflict everyday, form my colleagues to the staff of water board we are embedded with, i apply the skill of anthropology, i manage conflict at the primary level to ensure positive peace.

  • Health professional can influence decision of citizens, they can counsel psychologically down people and stop them from suicidal tendencies, which is a primary source of peace, provide equal opportunities to health care in collaboration with government which is a secondary source of peace and also play a major role in steaming down violence at the tertiary...

  • Health professional need the peace work because often the treatment of most medical challenges has its roots in preventable violence if conflict was managed well, many a times what a patient need it healing and physiological re-orientation, while most violence enact from direct conflict, but structural conflict is what is obtainable in most developing...

  • Misappropriation of funds by the government is a form of violence because it does harm to the country's economy, especially in Nigeria.
    cyber crime is a form of violence, because it give victims suicidal tendencies.

  • the dimension of peace is not complete in the third point, that is
    c.) peace as an ability to deal with conflict in a positive manner.

    when dealing with conflict, solutions brought to the table can be positive but not sustainable, so this point can be further made interesting and elaborate by addition of the word sustainable. so the new definition for me...

  • The are really special

  • there is particular method to study, because an anthropologist was accepted in a certain area and culture doesn't mean another anthropologist will be accepted with such level giving that alot of ills plague the society, such as racism, hate and mistrust, so i will apply a very fluid approach and slowly i will gain mastery.

  • the environment of the mining site
    the community impact of the mine
    the future of the town occupants
    property values

  • participant observation is a two edge sword in the sense that when an anthropologist spends so much time in the field with participants, their is this tendency to be bias in judgement because the process of unlearning a culture the anthropologist is used to and assimilating new and strange culture, being very neutral may be very difficult, so this effect may...

  • your approach is wonderful as the participants appear to be more relaxed and free, it was an in-depth free participation, but however it is biased because the it is one sided, the perspective of the mining company didn't come to bear.

  • data was collected through observation, Interview with affected persons and being embedded with in the population.

  • las las ihedima dima

  • the term field is relative, like i am studying anthropology in the internet, so the internet is my field, moreover anthropology is the science of cultural, behavioral and dynamics of societal acceptability, which is what we see everyday, so basically the term field doesn't have a streamlined definition

  • when carrying out field work, is best to have an open mind, knowing that their might be changes in the old data in possession and open your mind to accept new things as they come

  • so Basically in Monitoring and Evaluation, we use qualitative research methods

  • research can be resource demanding and cumbersome, the kind of research being made will determine the kind of method to adapt, me i am an M&E specialist, i usually adopt the observatory method, engagement with targeted field participants and feedback mechanism.

  • please when will you make available week three ?, how to take useful field notes. will certificate be issued after the course ?

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  • this aspect of anthropology have a holistic view of all aspect of life (culture, believes etc). each differentiate between right norms and wrong norms

  • i work for an NGO who will focus on eliminating poverty through provision of clean water, this project is sponsored by USAID, in turn we learn from there expertise and everyone is happy.

  • The family system is a key social institution that make up greater part of my character, the family system taught me to behave, what is socially acceptable and wrong, and this same family make of the society, that means Radcliffe-Brown may see society as a product of family.

  • thanks alot, will follow your method

  • good to know that Malinowski Publications wasn't intended for the public domain because of loopholes in his observatory anthropological method.

  • I like the fact that there was a complexity in separating culture and spirituality because the line is blurred and Malinoski studies has loopholes in it for me.

  • In Nigeria, the field of anthropology is yet to be known, but however different tribe do advocate for there cultural practice to be maintained. that is why no matter how westernize an Igbo man is, he still practice traditional marriage in the village of the bride

  • In studying region, anthropology tends to harvest the best practices of every region to give an overall view of what culture is all about.
    by studying region, anthropologist understand a better humanity in cultural practices of different society and try to make sense of it all while being objective.
    globalization has blurred the line of different regions and...

  • Our Imagination can become our reality and culture if is consistently practice and human race are always in search for there true nature.

  • So many names in anthropology that one needs to remember, how do i remember all of them ?

  • I need further explanation to this

  • " Other" is anthropology giving listening ear to other culture and heritage while the "Other" is another cultural practice not having superiority complex over others

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  • this shows that it is easy to build a culture and tradition within people that don't question or research about a history of a particular culture and tradition.

  • Nadirema story tell me the origin of Believe, "anything you believe comes to be your reality" they believe in their witch doctors so much so that anything they say turns out to be there reality. there way of life shows originality, it reminds me of African culture and tradition of dressing, but due to lack of confidence in there way of life, westernization...

  • i posted a picture of our village new yam festival, that is usually practice in the south eastern parts of Nigeria to celebrate the growth of new yam and thanking the gods that made it possible.

  • handshake is a way of welcoming an individual, it is a way of showing an individual that s/he is totally accepted and welcomed within the group, so i started actively practicing it since high school, don't know the period i learnt it though because it has been a norm since childhood.

  • handshake is a way of welcoming an individual, it is a way of showing an individual that s/he is totally accepted and welcomed within the group, so i started actively practicing it since high school, don't know the period i learnt it though because it has been a norm since childhood.

  • a hand shake is a socially acceptable way in Nigeria of welcome

  • @HelenThomas in Nigeria is normal to greet people first thing in the morning "good morning"

  • in Nigeria, is very normal to ask people " how was your night" (is a culture) while the rest of the world find this rather offensive because it is interpreted as being sensitive, in Nigeria, is just a harmless question that shows a sense of care and part of formal greeting in the morning, it is socially acceptable in Nigeria

  • Tylor is right in her definition about culture, because all humans are born without an orientation, but with time, they learn how behavioral edicate, and that forms part of what is good, wrong and what the society accepts.

    for me culture is a pattern of behavior, learned, unlearned, which forms part of social acceptance within the immediate society.

  • Why is it that people consider drinking palm wine acceptable in the evening of Friday after work, but will consider drinking very repulsive on Monday morning.

  • different society and cultures have different method of life and believe system, but deep down, when you have studied across so many culture you will see little similarities in practice, but one thing is constant across many generations of culture and method of life is that cultures and believe system changes as modernity influences humanity.

  • anthropology is a study that tries to understand every culture uniqueness, it makes one appreciate humanity across diverse culture and makes sense of what is called unity in diversity.

  • studied computer science, but actively practicing development work, really interested in anthropology will help me understand culture more and further my career