Jo Fitzgerald

Jo Fitzgerald

My name is Jo Fitzgerald and my son, Mitchell, had one of the first personal health budgets. I work at NHS England leading the Lived Experience team.

Location Ribble Valley


  • @LisaPalmer thank you and well done for your brilliant peer leadership

  • Well done @MagdalenaSzklarek Thanks for being a great champion for the programme and for others

  • @PAULPRICE anything we can do to support other colleagues to either find out about the programme or participate, just let us know. We want everyone who could benefit to know the programme is here. Please e-mail us at We're happy to do presentations to groups of colleagues.

  • It would be great to see you on the course @PhilipWilson

  • Brilliant. Glad you enjoyed it. We look forward to receiving your application

  • Absolutely ! @AnnNutt

  • @MurielSimmons the work you're doing sounds really important

  • @JaneAylott I think we'd all agree that personalised care on it's own can't erase inequalities. There are a lot of challenges that need to be addressed in a range of different ways. But one good example of how personalised care can help is through the work we're currently doing to develop Decision Support Tools. These will help clinicians have better...

  • @DaphneEarl that's great to hear. There's a lot to do but we're making significant progress.

  • @LeeMcDonagh Good to hear :-)

  • @LeeMcDonagh have you completed an application form ? It's really straight forward and we're always happy to help :-) Looking forward to meeting you on the course

  • @EileenStonock great to hear you’re involved :-)

  • @DavidLillicrap welcome to the course. We're really glad to be working with nancy Dickinson and R,B & H. There's so much important work to do.

  • @LeeMcDonagh there's a lot of useful information on the course but it's also worth mentioning that everyone who completes our Step Three course is invited to join our National Peer Leadership Network. It gives you access to ongoing learning and opportunities to get involved in interesting opportunities.

  • @DarrenChamberlain are you supported by Royal Brompton and Harefield by any chance ? We're working closely with them to run a Step Three programme for people with lived experience of heart and lung conditions.

  • @EdgarFlacker that's absolutely right. People should be actively involved in decision-making about their own health condition in partnership with their health professional so there's some good information about shared decision-making on this Step One course. People should also be involved in co-design and coproduction at a strategic level. We dig into...

  • @EileenStonock are you linked to the Cancer Alliances at all ? We're working closely with Kay Gamble from the Cancer Alliances to raise the voice of people with lived experience of cancer services either as an individual or as a family a carer. We're planning to run one of our Step Three courses specifically for people connected to the Cancer Alliances

  • @BrianJones great to have you on board and to hear the wonderful life experiences you've had since your heart transplant. We're really excited to be working closely with Royal Brompton and Harefield and support their work.

  • @TerriJezeph the question of ‘enough money’ is a really complex one and depends on each individuals situation and assessed needs, so not one I can easily answer here. In regards to paying carers…personal health budgets are often used to pay for personal assistants/paid carers to support someone in their own home. The difference between this arrangement and...

  • @CarolMunt just wondering if you upgraded to both the Step One and Step Two courses ? If you did upgrade to both and you no longer have access to one or the other, then the best option is to contact FutureLearn directly. If you look at the bottom of this page (in the grey), you'll see a heading, 'Need some help?'. Under the heading, you'll see 'contact' which...

  • We hope you enjoy the course @KennethW and good luck with your return to care work

  • @LucyJones yours is a really powerful story. Thank you for sharing it. Well done for turning so many challenging experiences into the positive steps you’ve made. You’ll be an asset to your team.

  • @ColinStodel there will always be third party organisations and a sign off process for personalised care and support plans but who does the signing off may change over time once ICS's are on the right legal footing

  • @ColinStodel the decision to use a third party organisation is part of the personalised care and support planning (PCSP) process and all PCSPs are signed off by the CCG. The PHB is also monitored by the CCG in an ongoing way.

  • @ColinStodel say a bit more please. Where are you thinking the conflict might arise ?

  • @ColinStodel it varies. I our case, we used a small registered charity and paid them a ‘fee’. The cost of managing the PHB was included in the budget. Sometimes, a CCG will commission a provider to offer that support.

  • Absolutely !

  • @DanielBlagdon thats great to hear. We rely on ‘word of mouth’ to reach people who could benefit from increasing their knowledge, skills and confidence.

  • @CarolMunt thats great to hear. Are you moving onto Step Two ? There’s more helpful info there too.

  • @DanielBlagdon welcome. We hope you enjoy the course and take away some useful learning

  • @SadifNajmi we hope you’re enjoying the course

  • @CarolineEstrella great to hear you had good care. There’s a lot of learning in what went well. We look forward to hearing your experiences.

  • @TerriJezeph thats a good reason to join the course. Welcome.

  • Hi Rob, great to meet you and thanks for joining the course. It sounds like you’re doing useful work at James Paget. Well done :-)

  • @SarahPritchard if you continue onto Step 3, we’ll have the opportunity to hear from you :-) You’ll also be invited to join our Peer Leader Network which enables you to bring your lived experience into different discussions. Hopefully, we’ll see you there.

  • Totally agree with the importance of 'bringing it to life' @HelenBevan

  • @AileenChick it would be good to hear what you felt needed to change, how you did it and what's different now - what will people see, hear and feel

  • Well done for taking positive action and asking for a consultant who is right for you

  • @HelenBevan That's so helpful. As you say, it's really important to have the confidence to speak up. We're hearing that the Step One and Step Two courses are helping people understand what's possible/not possible and giving them more confidence to ask for what they need. Knowledge is power !

  • @GemmaCooke good luck with the course. It sounds really helpful

  • @AileenChick I feel the same. I'm often shocked when I read about institutional care and what's been happening in my own lifetime. A friend of mine (who is now 82 years old) was chief nurse in a big institution near where I live. When he started in post, people lived on huge wards and took their clothes from a large box in the corner because they didn't have...

  • Hi @CarolMunt good to see you again. I may have got this wrong but I think you're involved in reverse mentoring at the Leadership Academy. Is that right ?