dieudonne Birahinduka

dieudonne Birahinduka

British Burundian. Paediatrician in London. Political activist(www.corenabu.org). Author (www.dknengereye.com)

Location LONDON, UK


  • Seriously!!! So shirt video

  • Sounds a brilliant initiative provided the do not make sweet talks to maintain their jobs.

  • To me this justifies why we have a mess everywhere as the three models (and any other one would love to add) would need to work in order for what is meant to happen happens. That would be asking for the impossible. What a discovery!

  • Beautifully put, the impact of language mastery and the local population perception of how you care about them, their culture and their language. I like the “deliver hard messages...” but I wonder how one must grasp the language to do so. Hard talks require not only language knowledge but also understanding local people behaviour and reactions. One word put...

  • I have moved from country to country four times in the last 30 years, not as a diplomat though. It is tough at the start but becomes beautiful with time once settled. Key to me is to develop a sense of curiosity and learning everyday about the new place and people. And if you fancy reading about challenges, behaviour and approaches, Peaceland: conflicts...

  • Sounds a good way to create awareness and to depart from what many think confusing embassy to a visa service. Should the type of popp up embassy be (or is it) be something to be done elsewhere?

  • An eye opener

  • Look forward to week2

  • Does “senior leader” mean “head of mission”? If yes, those percentages should be something to celebrate in 2023. If not, celebration may need to wait.

  • Very useful

  • If question about who is the official diplomat I would answer the one with diplomatic duties in the job description. If however the question is a Hoyt who does diplomacy I would be divided between the embassy staff and the lead trade negotiator

  • Complex structure indeed.

  • Video reflects (in my view) what happens in any big organisation including challenges, opportunities...Too much is however covered to show the best face of FCO by young people still enthusiastic and not yet fed up by bureaucratic challenges of everyday’s professional life.

  • Sounds the course is starting on right foot!

  • Hello Co-learners and educators. I am British but immigrated from Burundi 20 years ago having trained as a doctors in Russia for 10 years. From this you may not noticed that I have had diplomats acquaintances for nearly 30 years. I am a paediatrician in London and watch closely politics around the world but particularly in East Africa. One or all of my...

  • In the era of mobile telephony, things might be eased. If there is away of being in touch with the Imam remotely in order to get his blessing, there will be no need for military escort as in the end the perceived threat to the medical team is from villagers. Escort by military should not be sought as this will increase tension. Pertussis vaccination is not a...

  • Spot on

  • We are sometimes passionate about our believes and duties but in time of war it is best to think what is the best way to come out as a winner. I would fulfil my professional and my citizen duties making sure this allows me survival and ability to continue saving lives. I would therefore give a bit of possible allowable cooperation but maintaining the highest...

  • Agree with comments. This is a tough one. Dr Samoa is in a situation that is tough and he needs to consider his and the staff safety, the hospital safety and his duty as a medical professional. He will need to find a way of cooperation with the military and openness with his patients. In the grave there is no medical profession and personal information has no...

  • Healthcare workers job is to treat those in need once own safety is guaranteed.
    It is unfortunate that fighting factions use hospitals as a cover and storage of weapons attracting opposition to attack the hospital. Hospital should stay out of conflict and healthcare workers should remain non partisan all the time.

  • Hello everyone.
    I am Dieudonne, a paediatrician in London. I am originally from east Africa and involved in paediatric charity and have interest in global politics. I hope this course will help me to see the role of health professionals in contributing to world peace.

  • Not all countries please. Becoming refugee is not a luxurious move. No matter what happens. Untenability of situation in the UK or Europe may lead to some citizen wanting to move around and settle elsewhere. That is a choice with very good planing to migrate. Refugees are desperate people ready to die in order to survive or see their close ones(children,...

  • Seriously? The Kibaki villagers fleeing during north Kivu conflict were threatened by climate changes. Please look at the many factors, not climat change even if it contributed.

  • My car got broken into a few years ago. I called the police and offered them to come and collect stuff the intruder has touched so that there in mapping with what is going around. They told me that they had no resources for such things. I had thought however my offer was useful to them.
    The job of law enforcement structures is tough. Law breakers know that...

  • Five fundamentals of a functioning democracy. Can you actually have those five while electing a president for three terms? Just to be mindful when some of us think that election results justify democracy.

  • Beautiful to read this and all the comments. Who is right, who is wrong. Who is the legitimate or better leader and according to which standard, which position should one take- that of the majority of yesterday or of today. So many questions. I hope there were one neutral expert who could answer to the uneducated like me.
    So complex world but it was probably...

  • Nature and humankind are interconnected, they are inseparable as in the end what is happening with nature is linked with what human has done or does. Fight to me sound a negative approach unless one wants to use scare for people to adopt a desired behaviour. So I would suggest working with nature instead of fighting it. Climate change is big when you have...

  • I find the material thoughts provoking and I am sure more is to come.

  • Hello
    I am a paediatrician in London, British of Burundi origin and a Burundian political activist interested in global politics particularly what goes on at national/international levels and the interplays that lead to changes, success or failure.

  • A beautiful case. Seems however a one way system from EU to Tunisia without a reversal. No exchange is mentioned. True, improving the way of living for a neighbour pays off.

  • Glad he recognise that there should be cooperation, not competition. This is a tough task even to brothers and sisters.

  • Three institutions instead of 28 is already an achievement. But do the three do culture diplomacy for the while of the EU or mainly for their respective nations and their interests? One of the barrier would be competition if the EU were not a very strong entity that knows how to make sure no member state is left behind. It may however be that Spain and...

  • Very good summary

  • Social media has transformed us all and this will only intensify with time. It allows connections, openness and ease of access to people, to cultures and to materials that have been for long difficult to reach. This comes however some non negligible cost such as trustworthiness and authenticity of what is available or shared. And unfortunately with the...

  • Beautifully put. Cities cooperation or twining allow people closeness at “micro level” and this has an impact on global relations between states and people

  • The case of Quebec is a special one: independence, interdependence and recognition to be part of Canada. It requires mastery and it seems working very well for Canada, Quebec and whoever interacts with both. It is not however purely for culture per se

  • Language was used as a tool of domination and is still so to a lesser degree, something to celebrate. It has however(common language such as French, English...) allowed countries and their people to share same interest and to expand and develop, which is a good thing. I remember visiting Le centre Culturel Français in Moscow in the early 90’s before the...

  • Culture is a complex concept. Everybody seem to agree with what is includes: art, language, traditions, local values, music, dance.... What one should not forget is that when you export all or any of these, you aim to showcase and influence others. This is not done without some gains in return in mind. That what in my view then connects all the other types of...

  • I feel that hard power is exercised by the powerful one and it may be effective on short run but detrimental later on. Cultural diplomacy is the tool of smaller economies to crawl up the ladder whilst major economies use it cleverly and strategically to advance their agenda. Cultural diplomacy is a long term project that requires patience and mastery.

  • Cannot agree more. Is there not a saying that “free is only cheese in a mice trap”. @CharlotteWestbrook

  • Sounds like the “arms length” concept got lost. How does one separate then activities of foreign affaires ministries to pure EUNIC initial approach?

  • Things becoming clearer. Enjoyed this module so much. Thanks

  • Mini trial sounds smart

  • This was to me the hardest part (so far) of the course

  • Tough business.

  • What law governs a contract between a country among the 81 that follows the UN convention and a country outside the group?

  • What about the relationship vs contract we learnt earlier?

  • Look forward to what I believe is the more challenging part of the course

  • The checklist is beautifully put. If only I can practice each of them and feel confident to the level they are part of my life. What a dream!

  • If I correctly understood, the checklist is a list of traps you should avoid as knowing them means you may use them against the opposite party or you can avoid the opposite party using them against you. All is about being successful in negotiations

  • Enjoyed. I hope I can put in practice the knowledge

  • if i correctly understood, it is easy to take a company or a person to court in USA as you cannot lose a penny

  • I like finding the why from the other party

  • Sounds perfect to compare gains and losses but there are sometimes unquantifiable values attached to the negotiations to consider as well

  • I am looking for a partner(the other part) please.

  • Is it at this stage I need a partner(the other side)?

  • So far so good. Have so many negotiations to do at work. Will judge the usefulness of the course and of course my learning skills along, hopefully.

  • Exciting course. Look forward to it

  • Each second of the video is a story on its own. So much may be written

  • With my first book I hand wrote but when came expand and join the dots on the computer I noticed how I hade to re- write some of the stuff. With the second fiction, I wrote bits on my phone on my way to and from work and emailed myself. I would then at the end of the week collect all the emails and make a single document. This saved me time. Too early to tell...

  • Hello everyone. I look forward to this course. Hope I will learn how to do better fiction writing

  • It is probably harsh that one bad experience in religious school or religious education lessons leads to concluding that they are bad. There are good religious schools. I studied in one of them and have good memories. Did I like everything there? No. Did my friend in the nearby non religious school like everything there?No. I would agree with Ann and Mark that...

  • I tend to think that the problem is not which religion that needs integrating but rather the interpretation of people and how they want to exploit religion for person goals: getting elected(for a politicians who has nothing else to prove better that his/her opponents), socio-economic benefits(for member of this or the other religion who feel alienated by the...

  • Isn’t true that the church helps the state and visce versa? The two existing seemingly side by side but actually working together.

  • If I were Muslim in the Luton case, I would use my religious understanding and belief and meet parents and the challengers. I would try to solve the problem locally, using local religious leaders. Once this unsuccessful I would then move to the steps that took place. Being not Muslim, I would again use local religious leaders to uphold the school rules...

  • Very interesting cases. These being up the conflict between individual believes and society needs. Wonder how the Luton girls family felt and still feeling after the ruling, having exhausted all avenues. Glad both cases seem to have had solutions(if the Luton girls are happy of course) but I would be interest to know if there were more multiple challengers in...

  • Hello. I am a paediatrician in the UK but originally from Burundi having studied in Russia. That probably says a lot about how many religions I have come across. I have interest in international politics so this course for me is to learn and discover religions influence societies and behaviour including the politics that follow

  • Great team. Hope I am not too late