University of Leeds & Institute of Coding program

Collaboration, Communication and Remote Working

Build strong workplace collaboration, communication and presentation skills for working in the office or working remotely.

  • Overview 3 courses
  • Duration 6 weeks
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Learn how to work and communicate efficiently in the modern workplace

Whether you’re working with code, data, social media or any other computer-based job, being able to communicate with your colleagues is vital.

Equally, being able to present your ideas effectively so you can get your colleagues on board can be key to efficiently completing a project.

As our workplaces evolve, more and more people are working remotely. This is bringing new challenges to effective communication.

On this program, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate with others, no matter where you are. You’ll hear from people starting out in their careers as well as experts who share their tips and techniques for successful collaboration.


3 courses

Supported by Institute of Coding

This program has been developed with the support of the Institute of Coding, a network of employers, universities, training providers and professional bodies working together to create the skills needed for the digital economy.

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  • Institute of Coding

Learning outcomes

This flexible program of online courses allows learners to learn skills in order to communicate effectively, present ideas and collaborate with others. Completing all three courses in this program means you will be able to:

  • Identify the key components of successful collaborative and remote working
  • Demonstrate successful interpersonal skills at work
  • Demonstrate successful storytelling techniques and presentation skills at work