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Database and Information Retrieval

Welcome to this Deakin University unit, SIT772: Database and Information Retrieval, where we'll explore the ways database systems power the digital economy.

Database and Information Retrieval

This program is part of the Information Technology degree offered by Deakin University

Welcome to the program

This unit will cover two important foundational but related methods for capturing, representing, storing, organising, and retrieving structured, unstructured or loosely structured information. Firstly, we will focus on the fundamentals of data modelling and database technology. The relational data model will be investigated and the process of constructing database tables and related entities will be explored in-depth. Our second focus will be information retrieval: the process of indexing and retrieving text documents. As a critical aspect of Web search engines, the field of information retrieval includes almost any type of unstructured or semi-structured data. We will explore how search engines work, why they are successful, and to some degree how they fail.


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Who will you learn with?

Jianxin Li

Dr Jianxin Li is Associate Professor, Data Science, at the School of Information Technology. His research areas include social computing, query processing and optimization, and big data analytics.

Learning outcomes

Trimester 1 2019

  • Explain the difference between data and information and the difference between a traditional multiple-file system and a database.

  • Apply the concept of data modelling and use Entity-Relationship (ER) models to represent/data.

  • Design and implement relational database systems through the use of SQL.

  • Compare the difference between information retrieval technologies and justify the use of a particular one over another for a given scenario.

  • Demonstrate information retrieval skills in the context of a data processing system.

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