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Global Development in Practice: Discovering development management

Learn how to deliver change in the areas of development where your professional and personal interests lie.

Global Development in Practice: Discovering development management

This program is part of the Global Development Management degree offered by The Open University

Gain a broader understanding of how to manage development

This program focuses on how development takes place, the people and organisations that undertake development, and the relationships between them. You will explore the social, political, and ethical dimensions of development in a variety of local and global contexts.

This program is the first in a set of four that make up The Open University’s Development Management degree. Together, the four programs offer you opportunities to examine the ways development is conventionally practised, to identify new ways of encouraging development, and enhance your skills as a critically reflective practitioner.


1 course

This program contains a portfolio, where you'll be able to gather your work and get feedback from course educators.

Written and delivered by experts in the field

The Development Management program has been developed by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at The Open University.

Who will you learn with?

Martha Knight

Martha Knight

My academic interests are centred around gender and development, the Sustainable Development Goals and global governance processes all of which I've taught or practised. I'm module Chair of D890.

Marianna Volpi

Marianna Volpi

Hi, I'm Marianna and I've worked in the NGO, government and academic sectors, on poverty and inequality, conflict and government policy. I'm passionate about development and helping others achieve.

Elizabeth Mc Donnell

Elizabeth Mc Donnell

Me - a research scientist, then facilitator, mediator/Open University tutor (development management), now teaching English as a Second Language. And I'm passionate about dancing Argentine Tango!

Sue Campbell, OU Facilitator

Sue Campbell, OU Facilitator

I work as an Associate Lecturer with The Open University tutoring on undergraduate courses on Public Health and International Development. I am a facilitator on the Lottery of Birth Course.

Sylvia Meichsner

Sylvia Meichsner

Sylvia is a sociologist and social science researcher by training. Her area of expertise is the intersection of International Development and Childhood and Youth Studies.

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