Global Studies Assessment course

Complete the assessment course and pass the tutor-marked assignment to receive 4 ECTS credits.

What will the final assessment course involve?

The final assessment course enables you to revise, practice and then test the knowledge and skills you have gained in the International Relations and World Politics program. Detailed instructions will be given during the last week of the program to help you draft a final essay.

Completing and passing the final assessment will enable you to earn 4 credits from Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM).


You will be expected to write a written report (1,200 to 2000 words) in English or French, and submit a reflective log (300 words) in English or French on how the practice and feedback provided during the course has helped you prepare the final written report.

You will only pass the course and earn 4 ECTS credits when you have passed the written assessments with a mark of 60% or more.

Grenoble Ecole de Management will send you a printed transcript to show that you have passed the course and gained the credit. You will also receive a FutureLearn Award.

How is the final assessment course different to the other courses in this program?

The final assessment course differs in a number of ways:

  • In order to join, you must have completed the three other courses within the program and obtained a Certificate of Achievement for each.
  • You will need to pay upfront to be able to access the course. You will receive information on how to do this once you have completed the other courses in the program.

To join the final assessment course please proceed to the assessment and registration page.