Psychology: Final Assessment Course

Revise, practise and test the knowledge and skills you have gained through 3 final assessment tasks. Submit a video presentation and a literature review and sit an online exam covering content from all 6 courses in the Introduction to Psychology program.

Key facts

What will I achieve?
If you continue your studies through Monash’s accredited online Graduate Diploma in Psychology, you will receive 1 academic credit for completing this program, subject to meeting the entry criteria for the Monash University online Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

Duration: 6 weeks

When is it offered?
Three times per year, starting on 18 March, 8 July and 28 October, 2019. Important notice: The last offering of the Program Final Assessment Course starts on the 28 October 2019. The current Program will conclude with this Final Assessment Course.

How is it delivered?
This course is delivered entirely on the FutureLearn platform except for the final exam, which will be delivered on the Monash learning platform. Therefore, you will register with Monash University in order to access your final online exam. Please note that you are not officially enrolled as a student at the Monash University for this course. You will not receive a student card and you will not be able to access any campus-based or online services from Monash, including resources in the University Library.

Cost: £299

What will the assessment involve?
This six-week course will guide you through the process of writing a literature review, a central task in any psychology research. Drawing on the concepts you have covered in your other Monash Introduction to Psychology Program courses, you will be able to choose a psychology topic you would like to research.

For this Final Assessment Course, you will complete three assessment tasks in English:
- Record a 5-7 minute video presentation (worth 25% of your final mark)
- Write a 1,000-word literature review (25% of your final mark)
- Final online exam covering the six Introduction to Psychology courses you have already completed (50%).

This course will require at least 70 hours of study.

Course outline
The curriculum of the Final Assessment Course will lead you through the processes required to complete your three final assessment tasks. There is no new psychology content to learn. Rather, the focus is on helping you to develop essential academic reading, writing and speaking skills. The structure of the course is as follows:

Week 1: Choose your research topic, and develop methods to search the literature

Week 2: Evaluate, organise and reference information for your assignments

Week 3: Organise your academic sources and record your short video presentation on one of your sources

Week 4: Develop your academic writing skills and plan your literature review

Week 5: Write your literature review (1,000 words)

Week 6 Submit your literature review and prepare for your final exam

What happens after I've completed the assessment?
In order to pass the Final Assessment Course, you must achieve a total final mark of 50% or above, and you must achieve a mark of at least 50% in the final exam.

Monash University will then send you a certificate to show that you have passed the course.

If you then apply for and meet the entry criteria for the Monash University online Graduate Diploma of Psychology, you will be able to apply for one unit of academic credit in that course (leaving nine units to complete in the Graduate Diploma of Psychology).

You will also receive a FutureLearn Award if you have upgraded on and completed 90% of the steps in all courses in the program and achieved a pass rate of at least 70% on any tests. A FutureLearn Award is a celebration of your overall achievements on the courses you completed as part of your program.

Deadline for enrolment
You must be enrolled in this Final Assessment Course by 23:59pm GMT on Sunday, 3 November. This is to ensure you can be registered on the Monash learning platform in order to take your final exam at the end of the course. Please be aware that the last offering of the Program Final Assessment Course starts on the 28 October 2019. The current Program will conclude with this Final Assessment Course.

To learn more about the assessment course, watch this short introductory video by lead educator, Associate Professor Matthew E.

Ready to take the assessment?
To be offered a place on this final assessment course, you must have upgraded on, and successfully completed the six courses of the Monash University Introduction to Psychology program. This assessment course will enable you to synthesize and apply the knowledge you have gained in the Introduction to Psychology program.

To join the final assessment course please proceed to the assessment and registration page.