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Research Methods for the Creative Industries

Consider theoretical perspectives, research strategies and associated methodologies within the context of the creative industries.

This program is part of the MSc Digital Marketing with Data Analytics degree offered by Coventry University

Explore a range of research philosophies, techniques and methodologies

This module aims to provide an understanding of issues relating to the creative sector, which will enable you to explore and assess both qualitative and quantitative approaches to research in this field. At the end of the module, you should be able to identify which perspectives are relevant to research issues specific to the creative industries. You will have the opportunity to understand different approaches to the collection, analysis and interpretation of primary and secondary data, depending on the nature and characteristics of your research.


1 course

Delivered by expert academics

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  • Coventry University

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this program, you should be able to:

  • Critically review a range of approaches and methods relevant to research in the creative industries and be able to distinguish between inadequate and well-founded research project proposals

  • Understand and critically apply the key concepts involved in developing a coherent research proposal

  • Undertake a critical review of the literature and methods used in the chosen topic area prior to framing the research question

  • Formulate a set of clear and achievable research question and objectives

  • Critically compare alternative research techniques and evaluate their uses and limitations

  • Prepare a research proposal which reflects practical industry benefit and demonstrates an understanding of validity, reliability and generalisation of key findings

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