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These online programs are designed to help you develop professionally and progress in your career, with the opportunity to earn a professional credential from some of the world’s leading institutions.

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Keep your professional skills up to date and tackle key healthcare issues with short online healthcare training courses, in-depth programs, microcredentials or a full postgraduate degree. Start learning for free, on desktop, tablet or mobile.

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Boost your career

Get ahead and learn with educators and researchers from top universities, medical schools and healthcare organisations. Learn from the experiences of professionals and patients all over the world.

Our portfolio of healthcare and medicine courses allows you to explore a diverse and detailed selection of topics related to the field.

Whether you want to broaden your knowledge or hone a specific skill set, you can find the ideal learning tools to begin or progress your career within medicine.

Studying healthcare and medicine online

Studying healthcare or medicine online allows you to study at your own pace, from a place and at a time that’s convenient for you. Our learners enjoy the freedom and flexibility that an online course offers, while the social learning component means that you can still discuss ideas and concepts with your peers.

So, whether you’re taking a short course over a few weeks or a longer program over several months, you can fit it around your existing schedule without compromising on the learning experience.

Choosing a healthcare and medicine course

At FutureLearn, we’re proud to offer our learners a broad portfolio of courses within this field. Whether you’re interested in general topics such as healthcare and nursing, or more specialised courses in disease outbreak prevention, you can find a course that’s right for you.

Our portfolio includes introductory courses for those considering a career within healthcare or for the general public with an interest in the industry. If you’re hoping to learn about some of the key healthcare issues of our time, we will have a course that’s both informative and easy to follow.

Experienced healthcare professionals can also find suitable courses to help them move into leadership roles or update their knowledge in specific areas. Cutting-edge topics such as cancer, antimicrobial & antibiotic resistance, and medical technology are all covered in our selection.

Over recent years we have worked with prominent partners to update our portfolio in real-time to bring our learners the latest information on issues such as the ebola outbreak and coronavirus pandemic. These courses have helped to provide medical practitioners with the resources they need to stay safe and save lives.

Healthcare and medicine qualifications

As well as short courses on healthcare & medicine, we also offer more detailed learning opportunities.

Our range of courses provides the chance to learn new skills, explore areas of interest, and advance your career. With microcredentials, you can earn academic credits that can help you upskill in a developing industry.

We also offer degrees from some of the world’s top universities to help people move into this highly sought after profession, or upskill to progress their career within medicine.

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"As I became more knowledgeable about my mum’s condition and through meeting and speaking with others living with dementia, I was attracted to the course, as it dealt with rarer examples of the disease. It would consolidate what I already knew and increase my confidence when meeting other carers and patients."

"So far, I have been able to win two non-adherent patients back and I am so impressed. I have introduced new methods at work and my patients seem to be more confident in me and my colleagues. I have also invited over six people to study with FutureLearn."

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