What is identity verification?

ID verification is where we match your ID with an image of you, to check it’s you learning with FutureLearn. This way you can earn credit from universities and build trust in your Certificates.

How it works

Choose your ID type

Choose your country and the type of government issued ID.

Submit an image of your ID

Take a photo or upload a scan of your government issued ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport.

Submit an image of yourself

Take a photo of yourself using your camera phone or webcam.

Wait for your result

Your ID and photograph will then be verified and compared. This shouldn’t take longer than a minute.

Verification result

You’ll be told if your identity has been verified successfully.

Build trust in your achievements

Verifying your identity proves that you’re the one working hard, learning and developing with FutureLearn. This certainty might help your employer see the benefits of FutureLearn and recognise your efforts.

Earn university credit

Now you can work towards a degree with FutureLearn by enrolling on a program of courses to earn university credit you might put towards an undergraduate, masters or MBA. In order to do this universities require you to have a verified identity.

It’s simple, secure and free

Verifying your identity really is very simple and can be done in a few easy steps. Plus it’s completely secure - any images you upload aren’t stored, they’re just used to verify your identity, and any information you give us is encrypted. ID verification is open to learners who have paid to upgrade their course.