Certificate of Achievement

Peter O'Brien

has completed the following course:

Tipping Points: Climate Change and Society

University of Exeter

This online course explored how rapid changes to natural and social systems may make our planet very different in the future. This course explored the concept of tipping points from an interdisciplinary perspective, discovering their role in climate change and the future.

2 weeks, 3 hours per week

Professor Tim Lenton

Chair in Climate Change/Earth System Science

University of Exeter


Learning outcomes

  • Explain what a tipping point is
  • Explore the potential for tipping points to drastically change the climate system
  • Apply your knowledge of tipping points to the Arctic, Amazon and circulation systems
  • Investigate how tipping points might affect your life
  • Debate the relevance of using ‘tipping points’ to shape policy
  • Discuss the concept of tipping points in relation to social systems


Tipping Points in the Natural World

  • What are ‘tipping points’?
  • Recognising early warning signals for major tipping points
  • Tipping points in the climate system - Arctic, Amazon and Circulation systems

Tipping Points in the Human World

  • Tipping Points and policy
  • Links between tipping points and social systems - Syrian droughts and conflict
  • Positive tipping points - influencing behavioural change and collective action

Issued on 19th April 2023

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Tipping Points: Climate Change and Society

University of Exeter