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Peter O'Brien

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Climate Change and Public Policy

Adam Smith Center

Climate change presents a profound challenge to human social, political and economic systems. With sustained media coverage and lively debate over the issue, climate change has become a staple topic in society. This course explores the complexity of climate change at the intersection of science and public policy. It also bolsters learners’ inquiry with the relevant theories and concepts in environmental economics.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Dr. Bryan Cheang

Founding Director

Adam Smith Center


Learning outcomes

  • Apply economic theories and frameworks to environmental issues
  • Explain how climate change is a public policy issue
  • Evaluate different climate policies and their effectiveness
  • Discuss the social and political challenges of climate change
  • Compare the commercial and environmental attributes of various energy solutions
  • Describe how market processes and human innovation achieve good environmental outcomes


  • Climate Change and Public Policy Basics
  • Importance of Markets
  • Energy Mix and Solutions
  • Importance of Human Innovation

Issued on 18th April 2023

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Climate Change and Public Policy

Adam Smith Center