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Peter O'Brien

has completed the following course:

Circular Economy: The Big Idea

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

This online course provided learners with a comprehensive overview of the circular economy by reflecting on topics such as the origins of the term, the economic status quo, design and value creation for a circular economy, case studies, a look at regenerative farming, and why policy matters. Those who took the course will be equipped to identify misconceptions and apply their learning in a variety of contexts.

3 weeks, 4 hours per week

Colin Webster

Learning Content Manager

Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Learning outcomes

  • Explore the origins of the circular economy
  • Assess the problems associated with the linear economy
  • Critique the approaches some have taken to 'fixing' the linear economy
  • Reflect upon the three principles of the circular economy
  • Compare the different flows of materials, and their corresponding values, within the circular economy
  • Discuss circular design techniques and their relative merits and uses
  • Evaluate the value of circular business models
  • Assess the push and pull factors for transitioning to a circular economy
  • Explore the different policy decisions that contribute to a circular economy
  • Evaluate the systemic repercussions of changing policy to support a circular economy


  • The origins of the linear and the circular economy
  • Why we can’t just tweak the linear economy
  • Why policy matters
  • How to redesign value in a circular economy
  • Case studies of the circular economy in action
  • Emerging practices in design and business models

Issued on 16th April 2023

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Circular Economy: The Big Idea

Ellen MacArthur Foundation