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Could your TV and streaming obsessions be the inspiration you need to make different career choices? Scroll down to find your career path based on your favourite TV shows.

New research and expert opinion highlights how TV and streaming obsessions could be inspiring us to make different career choices 

We’ve been working with Educational Psychologist Dr Kairen Cullen to explore how people can choose what to learn next and even unlock potential new career paths based on TV shows they love to watch.

Below, Dr Cullen explains why being drawn to some aspects of TV shows can highlight how individuals could excel in certain career paths, helping people who aren’t sure where to start to make a first step in switching careers. 

Links between TV shows and careers

Further findings and inspiration

  • Most people who watched Doctor Who said they did so because it allowed them to see the world of science fiction and space exploration. If that sounds like you, Life on Mars might be the course to help you learn more. 
  • Enjoying problem-solving was the reason most people watched Squid Game. Successful Negotiation could be interesting to explore. 
  • Most people watched After Life because of how the show approaches grief. This could indicate a career path around counselling or therapy, and our course on Young People and Their Mental Health might be a good place to start. 
  • Most people who watch Bridgerton said that it reminded them of classic novels, which is a time in history that they love. A course on William Wordsworth could be the first step towards a career in teaching.   
  • People who watched The Queen’s Gambit said they did so because they liked watching how strategy can be used in everyday life. A course in developing conceptual thinking for problem-solving could be a great route into a business career. 


UK nationally representative research carried out by Censuswide on behalf of FutureLearn

Explore courses based on your favourite TV shows 8 courses


attracted to Bridgerton for its classic literature 


watch Squid Games for its fascinating problem solving 


like watching After Life for it’s approach on grief

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