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João Pedro Contente

Always trying to improve and upgrade my skills and knowledge. My career goals are serving companies and clients with passion, excellence, and creating value for all stakeholders.

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  • Hello, I am using more excel in my job however I need to extend my knowledge as I consider my self with in an Pre-intermediate level and I recognize that a good progress on Excel learning could provide me better solutions for my daily tasks.

  • The most frequent drivers reasons for sustainability within the supply chain companies:
    - Compliance with regulations (3 times)
    - Decreasing costs of fuel (3)
    - Differentiation.

  • Very interesting question. May be the 5 PL element would be the integration of the procurement side of the business (in terms of raw materials). Who knows?

    a company where you can check easily the costs of their services to your customers

  • Cross-docking are largely used by Supermarkets, specially with short life products such as vegetables/fruit produce, meat and dairy. This products are delivered by producers and rapidly distributed to retail by supermarkets fleet. Therefore, are efficient and does not need large amounts of storage to keep this products.

  • NHS Supply chain have 6 hubs. From each hub NHS hospitals are supplied by them.

  • Sometimes big players don't take into account all stakeholders. And when we mean all stakeholders it means the whole community and their different sub communities. Also it should be considered all nature that is surrounding the location.

  • I work in a big hospital and I never notice any kind of lean container.

  • I purchased books for Christmas gifts. I recon people I know are not regular book readers, like me. Therefore, there is several peaks of demand during the year, such as Christmas St. Valentine's day and even Summer Holidays. Also there is book categories that have a higher demand on the start of the School season. The inventory has to have peaks and higher...

  • Mainly interested by how we can all be more aware, educated to tackle the climate change and save the planet for the future generations. Measuring out carbon footprint would a be a good step for it.

  • Flour level must be at a high level of inventory. On the other hand,
    suncream should be at a Higher level before summer but low at the end or middle of summer

  • The first product is a brandnew car

    Capital cost of the stock is high as it is a high-value product

    The Service cost of stock management and insurance is high because is a product that need several procedures until the final delivery. Also need to be insured against potential accidents whilst on transport or parked.

    Storage cost and associated...

  • @HungCuongNguyen very interesting comment. It looks that a better forecast of customer demand is key .

  • Marks & Spencer clothes seller
    Routine Products - it would be the paper for tills.
    Bottleneck products - the inks they buy for coloring clothes
    Leverage products - difficult to find
    Strategic produts - certain tissues technologies, namely coldproof patents that could lead to hold an exclusive product

  • Sustainability is a wider term where you can use practises to preserve the planet. One of the pratctises is using renewable energies such as windpower picture A) to produce electricity, instead of fossil power which damage the environment due to produce C02. Also, food waste is good to as a fertilizer to produce vegetables, picture F)

  • @DANIELACALLADO thanks for sharing.

  • The transport is faster when there are rail links between mines and manufacturers

  • Propane, ethane, home heating oil, carbon dioxide, anhydrous ammonia.

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    There are several fruits that are transported by sea (eg. watermelon that has a longer shelfe life), therefore by sea would be the cheaper transport. However, perishable products such as Jack fruits that has a shorter life in shelf could be vital come by air.
    Several things to consider would be for example does the airplane need to have fridge to mantain...

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    Rough materials are more likely to be transported by rail. For instance, ores like aluminum, copper, clay, rocks and sodium use the rail as this materials go from mines to factories. This transport is usually faster, convenient and cheaper. Manufacturers will transform this rough materials into specific goods.

  • A quality camera in your smarphone was a order winner for some top brands such as Apple and Samsung. Nowadays, this is a common feature for any brand in the market.

  • Very simply, a milk producer just need to feed the catle and sell is milk to for instance Arla brand.

    Arla need to collect milk from producers, transport to a factory to check its quality, treat, pack the milk etc. Then he need to sell to supermarkets and wholesalers. Also, Arla need to to delivery for supermarkets or distribution centres.

  • The Echo app belongs to Lloyds Pharmacies group. Last time I did an order that has taken almost 3 weeks instead of the usual 4 days. I was informed that they had difficulties to get the prodcut for expedition. I decided to to go ta a Lloyds pharmacy and they got in stock. Same company but different elapses times.

  • Quality = it is a prescription, the purpose is healin
    The service is always great because dozens of times ordered and never had fails
    The Cost is always the same but I score very good
    Most of the times it is fast, sometimes the GP take longer to aprove the prescription which is not the Echo's fault.

  • Echo is an app, that belongs to Lloyds Pharmacy, where you request your medical prescriptions from your GP. You request trough the app, Echo contact your Medical centre. Than you receive a note that the prescription was sent to them, you pay online. After 2 days your medicament sent out to you by Royal Mail in the comfort of your home No extra costs, you just...

  • It was a small but good intruction of Suplain Chain worldwide.

  • Acording with the "Mercosur, also known as the Common Market of the South, is a trade bloc agreement that exists between the following South American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela."The main objective of Mercosur is to bring about the free movement of goods, capital, services, and...

  • SCM includes for example the purchase of a raw materials (plastic, glass, processors) for the manufacture (smartphone). Whereas logistic has a tinier are of action. This department will set up the expedition of the smartphone using warehouse, transport and shop or a specific delivery to the costumer house.

  • Recently I bought a book.
    Previous to my purchase the manufacturer had to buy paper for the book production, and the book was printed.
    The book is stored in a warehouse.
    After my order:
    1 The company need set up the order.
    2 The book is picked up from the warehouse and packed with the logistics informations: destiny, barcodes etc
    3 Deliver to a local...

  • Logistics is the process to set up the delivery of a product from its manufacture place until the consumer location.

  • Historically, Globalisation has not started on the XX or XXI century. All has started several centuries ago with the descoveries from Spain, Portugal, The Netherland, England and France. From scratch these and other countries start building the routes for exchange and commerce of goods.
    Since these first steps, globalisation and logistic has evolved and...

  • I am new in the environment and big data area. Although, I would like to get a career change from the media industry to the sustainability industry. Specializing in Data analysis would be a specialism that I would like to achieve.

  • I am impressed by the document shared "Information is beautuful: World's biggest date breaches. The very last years, the outbreaches have becomed higher and number of cases increased sharply. Also, the numbers of billions of data consumers being hacked has been incredible preoccupying.

  • In my opinion it is not wright combining data from different sources because the consumer is not directly informed when this is happening, and the way they are going to use it. On the other hand, I agree that Data could be used to avertdise if the belongs to just one source.

  • As a ex-sales man I can combine several sets of data.
    Number of cold calls vs number meetings obtained for business presentations.
    Number of effective contracts vs number of meetings face to face and calls.
    Time of day calls/emails vs how many face to face meetings/phone meetings.

  • Academic writing would have an advanced and technical vocabulary related with the subject we are writing for. Also, it has to be based in facts from reaserch and investigation.

  • Aisha can uses different kind of metrics:
    - Number of orders per hour.
    - Number of drinks per order.
    - What products are most requested.
    - Number of clients per table.

    Her KPIS could be:
    - Waiting time for being served up to 3 minutes
    - No run out of products
    - Clients satisfation over 95%

  • @BethWare I use one of this apps too. Even the app inform me when I am running out of information. Echo is the app name.

  • Hi, from Portugal, living in the UK. Looking forward to learn with you all. Hopefully this course would help to get a clear idea how to work with Data.

  • Here you are different features that decrease your gas milieade:
    Excessive Short Trips. Your engine works at its most efficient after it warms up.
    Frequent Cold Weather Travel.
    Heavy Braking or Acceleration.
    Fuel Injector Problems.
    Oil Type.
    Poor Maintenance.
    vehicule weight.

  • Great insight. Therefore, there is a huge range of subjects usefull for data. Each sector may have its own subjects to develop and creat the best outcome from gathering data.

  • @EllenPowell sometimes it is a kind of a hard selling system, totally intrusive sometimes. On the other hand, sometimes you may receive advertisements that suits your searches and possibly you can find a good that you are expecting to find.

  • The lab session is not opening. I have been contacting Cloud Swyft by email. They are answering, apparentely they try to help but the lab is not opening whch doesn't allow you to complete the course.

  • Hi I am Joao. In the future, I would love to work in areas related with sustainability. The three words: save, Humanity, nature

  • 1- We find digital objects everywhere, constantly. Car park machines, digital watches (even the 'old' casios).
    2-Digital Apps are being used to facilitate your interaction with brands or even when you need public services.
    3- Yes and no. Yes as you could spend lesstime operating certain tasks. No, when this apps have bugs or are not well programmed to...

  • 1. Put the ketle on and boil water.
    2. Grab a mug, a black tea bag, spoon, milk and sugar.
    3. Put the black tea bag into the mug
    4. Pour the boiling water into the mug
    5. Add a spoon of sugar
    6. Stir with the spoon
    7. add some milk
    8. take the tea bag with the spoon
    9. stir again

  • I eat Broccoli and wholenuts oftenly to helping reduce lungs inflamation as I got asthma.

  • I had contact with some thermos before and it is complex but I was expecting it.

  • Hello,
    Strictly starting from scratch, I am looking forward for giving the first steps on the world of coding.

  • Change is necessary.
    However, change has to be well prepared. Involving all stakeholders in the process would be half way of successful implementation. The other half would be studing deeply every step and be prepared for the implementation.

  • Dear supplier,

    I am writing you to show my disappointment about the coffee machine I bought from your company last month.

    This was an important investment to my business and it was bought to sell more coffees. The capacity mentioned on your leaflet is not corresponding with the real scenario.

    Moreover, this coffee machine doesn't work efficiently and...

  • @BryanBain great thought.

  • She didn't want to borrow money from the bank and with this she avoid to pay interests. Also technically she get more cashflow because she is not paying every month the bank credit

  • Management styles affects the way you manage money. A people-focused manager would be keen to invest in things that will help staff to get more committed with the company, such as more annual leave days, better pension, and facilities. On the other hand the task-focused management style will invest more in for instance software that help employees to be more...

  • He actually practices both styles.

  • My busines style is both. I can tend a little more to the tasked-focused oriented but I never forget to have th people in mind. A mixed of both could be the best version of management.

  • My expectations about this course are:
    - speaking and writing confidently about business in English
    - a better understanding how to manage money, business and people.

  • @SadiqaBasiri congratulations for helping people doing better in their lives. Not all businesses have to have profits.
    A good Business is also the one who works for a better society.

  • My experience in business is somehow valuable. I used to work as a advertising sales to newspapers, magazine and radios. What I liked most was seeing a happy customer because he had good results on its advertising investments. Also, my company could develop and hire more professionals to grow its audience.

  • All communities are dependent of business success. For instance, due to relocation (globalization) a community may be deprived from a factory that has provided income to hundreds of individuals in a certain community for a long time.

  • People need businesses to survive. The exchange of goods and services is essential for a prosperous society. Therefore business is integrated in all our livelihoods. Whether you don't work for a company or you don't own a formal business, soon or later you have to buy or sell or exchange goods or services.