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Discovering Your PhD Potential: Writing a Research Proposal

University of Leicester

This course provided the awareness, skills and tools to write a well thought-out and achievable research proposal, and gave a taste of the self-study required in postgraduate doctoral research. The course explored the main requirements of undertaking a PhD, and showed how to set a realistic research question. It covered planning and structuring a literature review, and compared different research design and methodologies.

5 weeks, 2 hours per week

Professor Neil Christie

Director of Postgraduate Research in the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

University of Leicester


Learning outcomes

  • Identify why you want to do a PhD and whether your expectations are realistic
  • Explore the main requirements, structures and problems with aiming to undertake a PhD
  • Demonstrate how to set a realistic, manageable and impactful research question
  • Compare deductive and inductive research questions
  • Describe and be able to implement the steps required to writing a literature review, including: doing a literature search, planning, organising and writing the literature review
  • Discuss what kind of theoretical approach would be useful for your research proposal
  • Compare the differences between ontology, epistemology, different research designs and methodology.
  • Summarise what you have learned from this course into a first draft of a research proposal


  • Introduction to doctoral research
  • Funding your study
  • Defining the problem and writing a research question
  • Writing a literature review
  • Research design and methodology
  • How to construct your proposal

Issued on 14th December 2018

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Discovering Your PhD Potential: Writing a Research Proposal

University of Leicester