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Improve your teaching skills and build knowledge to specialise in adult education. Understand how to effectively teach adults and help them to engage.

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As well as teachers who work exclusively with adult students, adult education courses are a great resource for teachers that deliver lessons in a post-secondary environment which may include adult learners. Our courses are suitable for both new and experienced educators who want to engage in continued professional development.

For those working outside of the education industry, adult learning courses can be useful for coaches, mentors, and managers who are looking to strengthen their leadership and teaching skills.

Adult learning environments are unique educational spaces that can be extremely rewarding for educators. As you’re typically working with students who have returned to education after an extended break, you’ll find that you’re able to engage with people from a wide variety of backgrounds who each bring a unique perspective and level of experience.

With motivated learners who have decided to upgrade their skills, adult education classrooms tend to be collaborative and inspiring environments. Teaching adult learners means you can help people at various stages of their lives to achieve their goals.

Having a skill set or specialism in adult education can open you up to a variety of career options that go beyond just the education industry. But if you do want to stay within the education sector, this knowledge will prime you for teaching in a post-secondary institution, such as a college or university.

Adult learning courses will also strengthen your resume if you teach privately, such as tutoring or delivering seminars.

Learn effective strategies for teaching adult learners

Teaching adult learners is a rewarding and engaging experience, and adult education courses are a helpful tool for developing a specialised approach that will allow adult students to achieve success.

Adult learners are typically defined as students over the age of 25 who have returned to education after leaving a gap between secondary school or college and their post-secondary studies. As these students re-enter the academic world, they bring a wide variety of experiences with them and respond well to a teaching style that’s tailored to their needs.

Adult education courses will provide you with skills and strategies to teach adult learners and create a space that keeps students motivated and engaged. This includes:

Learn how to teach adult learners with our variety of adult education courses.

Gain certifications in adult education

Courses in adult education will help you to develop a specific skill set that’s geared towards adult learners. You’ll learn how to plan and deliver lessons that mature students can connect to and engage with.

Studying adult education essentials can help to strengthen your CV and showcase your specialist focus. As well as expanding your experience across learner demographics, you’ll learn how to diversify your teaching style across different formats, including online classrooms and blended learning environments.

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