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Explore the art of mindfulness and discover how mental wellbeing can better help you meet the challenges of modern life with our variety of online courses.

Topics related to Mindfulness & Wellbeing

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Our online microcredentials are designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree. They can be used as an independent certification, and some even offer academic credit to use towards a degree. Each microcredential also includes a formal online assessment.


Mindfulness and wellbeing is the awareness of one’s emotions, presence and overall mental wellbeing. The subject explores and enhances an individual’s emotional intelligence in both independent and social surroundings.

There are two pathways you can take to be an accredited teacher of mindfulness. One is becoming an MBSR teacher (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy). These are professional courses you can take to progress in the pathway to teach mindfulness.

Qualifications related to health and wellbeing can help develop your career in a range of fields such as social work, counselling, public health and education. It is a growing profession with plenty of opportunities which best suits your interest in your chosen field.

At FutureLearn, we provide a wide selection of mindfulness and wellbeing courses from many renowned organisations and universities. With our online courses created to enhance and enrich your knowledge in this field of mindfulness, you can improve your CV and broaden your employment prospects while working from home. Taking as many courses as you wish with our Unlimited subscription, you can continue to study mindfulness and wellbeing as part of your work-life balance.

Mindfulness and wellbeing are two central pillars of good mental health.

Practising both can bring a variety of benefits to your everyday life. Knowledge of mindfulness will increase your awareness on anxiety, stress and your overall mental wellbeing. With our online courses in mindfulness and wellbeing, you can absorb the information and resources you need to live a happier, healthier life.

Benefits of our online mindfulness and wellbeing courses

The fields of wellbeing and mindfulness are vast and varied. In reality, there are many different parts of our lives that impact our physical and mental state.

By taking an online course, you’ll learn about how your lifestyle affects the way you feel and move towards taking control of your wellbeing.

Practising mindfulness and focusing on your mental health and physical wellbeing can help lower stress and improve your attention span, as well as making you sleep better and decrease loneliness. Taking a course that teaches you how to be mindful can help you work on all of these areas.

A wellbeing or mindfulness course can also assist in helping others in your life, as mindfulness will equip you with the skills to work on your relationships and improve your emotional intelligence.

Choosing a mindfulness and wellbeing course

We have a large selection of mindfulness and wellbeing courses available, all constructed by industry led experts in your chosen field.

At FutureLearn, we have a range of topics from exploring nutrition and wellbeing, the science of sleep and overcoming imposter syndrome to regaining confidence. For total newcomers to the subject, you may want to consider a course such as Demystifying Mindfulness. This course explores the science behind mindfulness, and how it works from a variety of perspectives.

If you’re struggling with a particular area of wellbeing or are interested in a specific field, we have plenty of online courses for you to choose from. There are many areas you may choose to focus on, including things like digital wellbeing and nutrition. So, no matter where your interests lie, you can find a suitable mindfulness and wellbeing course.

Who are mindfulness courses for?

Our mindfulness and wellbeing courses include introductions which cater to complete beginners, through to specialised topics. The application of this information depends on your own needs.

Many of our learners take these courses to improve their own focus, balance, and presence in the day to day.

Some learners take these courses as part of the path to becoming professionals within the wellness industry, while others work in education, healthcare, or even management positions where applying these skills can help them cope with professional pressures, and they can guide others as part of their leadership or teaching roles.

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