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Start your career in food tech

Food tech is a rapidly growing industry, harnessing the power of modern technology to innovate and improve the systems by which food is produced and distributed.

Food technologists apply food science techniques to manufacture safe and nutritious food products.

The study of food technology teaches learners to develop new concepts, systems and methods for maintaining food products and keeping them bacteria resistant. Food processing is another form of food tech which helps to preserve and enhance the flavour of food products, making food easier to distribute and sell.

Modern food technology and processing is the reason we have access to most fresh produce all year round. They help with food preservation, quality control, and packaging many spoilable products like dairy, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and grains.

Work in food tech

Our online food tech courses aim to explore this technology and discover the many ways it’s changing the way we make and consume food. You can also explore how food tech can limit the food industry’s environmental impact.

If you’re passionate about food, a career in food technology can be varied and challenging. If you do choose to pursue work as a food technologist, you may work to make sure food products are safely and legally produced and are up to the correct quality standard.

Your role may also require you to be part of the development and manufacturing processes of food or drinks recipes. This may include new product development and working with or even discovering ingredients to produce new recipes.

Food technologists are often required to innovate and develop new versions of products such as making a pre-existing product fat-free or gluten-free. This means you’ll be working closely with those in charge of product development to create products ready to be produced at scale in a factory.

You’ll have to know and keep up with food production rules and regulations as well as follow the latest technologies for developing new products.

The study of food tech doesn’t only lead to work in food science, catering or hospitality. Food tech experts work in a huge number of industries, from agriculture and engineering to manufacturing and environmental health.

Learn food technology online

If you’re thinking of pursuing higher education or going to university to study food science, technology or nutrition, then an online course in food technology can prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Whether you already work in the food industry and want to keep up with the latest trends, aim to start a career in food tech or just want to know more about how technology is changing how we eat, join our online food tech courses to get the skills you need to take the next step in your learning.

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